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Massage Message 23: Oxytocin and how touch affects us, and much more
January 24, 2016


After some overindulgence you might think it is time for a good de-tox. Before you go on - a detoxification in the medical sense is (hopefully) not what you had in mind. It is used for severe drug or alcohol addiction.

Our body is amazing at detoxification without any help. Our liver does most of the work, helped by the lymphatic system, our kidneys, our skin and our lungs. If these systems don't work any more, we might need another kind of medical de-tox, such as dialysis or a liver transplant. But I hope you don't need that, either.

Now we come to the "alternative" use of de-tox. To confess, I am not a big fan. For starters, there is no scientific base for the often unspecified "toxins" in our body. Secondly, our body is amazingly efficient in getting rid of them. In my opinion there is no need for radical diets, expensive supplements, colon cleanses (literally, with enemas) or detoxification devices.

I have tried a detoxification device, it was a foot bath using a mild electric current. Low and behold, a brown "toxin" appeared after a short while. Lots of it! I learned recently that the "toxin" was small amounts of iron leaching from the electrodes - all that needed was - water. My feet were entirely superfluous in the water. Even if I did not de-tox, it was very relaxing.

The way I see de-tox is not so much getting rid of toxins, but supporting our body to do what it is doing anyway. And perhaps not giving ourselves extra challengens along the way. Here are some simple (and obvious) ways:

Exercise activates our lymphatic system. We move our muscles, get our circulation going, and generally put our body into "working" mode.

Drink sufficient water - particularly after alcohol. Better still, avoid alcohol for while.

Healthy diet - eat slowly (not my strength)
Onions, leeks, garlic, asparagus, parsnips feed the good gut bacteria in the colon (pre-biotics), so that there is less "space" for unhealthy ones.
Sugar is the new fat - it is not good for us. Fruit is okay, the fibre helps here. Too much work for the pancreas, it gets tired.

And then there is, of cause, massage. I do believe that all massage supports our lymphatic system, but Manual Lymph Drainage and Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage are specifically designed to do so. Abdominal massage helps us to breathe better and gently encourages our guts into action.
But if there is nothing wrong with you apart from feeling a bit sluggish, a general massage can work wonders!

Last, not least, get enough sleep!

TENSION - What is it?
by Ray T, Gedling, Nottingham

How does one get it? Most people experience it at some point in their lives. They don't realise that it is within their make-up.

A stiff neck? Oh, I've been in a draught. Back pain? I've lifted something heavy. One tends to make excuses for every little discomfort that occurs within the body.

I found out that I was tense whilst on holiday in Tunisia some year ago. My wife suggested that we take advantage of the massage facilities available within the hotel. I was confronted with a huge Egyptian who, within seconds after working on my back, said that I appeared to have a suit of armour under my skin. He said that my body was so tense that he had trouble carrying out the complete massage. He said that I had a very tense nervous system and that regular massage sessions would help enormously.

I begun to analyse my be behaviour and realised that there was a lot in what he had said. Many things that are not obvious. Watching TV for example, there is a tendency to become so involved in that.

Tension tends to creep into your system. Walking in a crowded public thoroughfare where everyone seems to be getting in your way and you are constantly dodging round people.

My youngest daughter said to me that I should consider a serious of massages and promptly found on the internet "Touching Well", which is very local to me and handy, me, being past my sell-by date.

There I met Regina, who, after a discussion suggested a series of body massages and assess the results. I was amazed to find a complete change in my physical condition, feeling more relaxed, fitter and sleeping better. So I entered a prolonged series of body massages which enabled me to get rid of my stiff neck, back aches and all kinds of minor disabilities brought about by old age.

I still attend these sessions on a monthly basis in a warm and friendly atmosphere where I can forget life and its troubles for a very welcome hour.

Very well done, Regina, and a big Thank You.

Let's De-Stress,
Feedback from students at Raleigh Park (at Nottingham University)

Really relaxing massage, truly needed.

Short, but still very intense and relaxing massage. First time I had ever any sort of massage - very nice.

Very relaxing and felt very nice after a stressful exam period.

Very relaxing. Good way to de-stress and feel calm.

Very enjoyable and relaxing. Thank you.

Really enjoyed it. Wish it was a little longer. Enjoyed the really firm pressure.

Good pressure, and a brilliant event, specially for students.

Brilliant. Loved every second. Lovely lady, too.

Extreemly relaxing.

Absolutely brilliant. Would recommend to anyone and come again.

Excellent massage, perfect way to wind down after a week of revision. Could have a massage like this every week.

Wishing you a healthy and joyful 2016.

How long are you alowed to wish a happy New Year for? We have now the 31st day of Christmas.

I look forward to seeing you.

With warm regards,


Issue 23a of the Massage Message: January 2016.
Regina Dengler
Touching Well
0115 8457113
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