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Massage Message, Issue 13b: Christmas greetings, celtic blessing, lymphatic lift, massage for sleep
December 21, 2010

Deep peace
of the running waves to you,
Deep peace
of the flowing air to you,
Deep peace
of the smiling stars to you,
Deep peace
of the quiet earth to you,
Deep peace
of the watching shepherds to you,
Deep peace
of the Son of Peace to you.

Celtic blessing

Christmas is approaching fast. I find that each year there is a fine balance between being very busy and "getting everything done"– and my need for calm and looking after myself. For the latter I am planning to try the fish pedicure as a treat, plus I have a massage booked for this evening.

Should you still need a last minute Christmas present, I can highly recommend (surprise, surprise) massage gift vouchers. They can be emailed, so even a last minute pressie is possible this way.

Also a quick reminder that there is still a chance to win a massage novel and a £10 Touching Well voucher by submitting a massage story via the Touching Well Website . You can still put in your feedback after Christmas but this competition closes on Christmas day.

I wish you a joyful festive season – and much love, care and happiness in the coming year.

Lymphatic lift

The following juice recipe was devised by Perry , who successfully treated her lymphoedema by drinking this juice daily. She researched the nutritional properties of fruit and vegetables in juicing. Perry could not walk due to the buildup of fluid in her foot and leg. After drinking this juice every day, she is now able to fit into her shoes and walk again.

½ medium fresh beetroot
1 apple
1 pear
2 small carrots
2 sticks of celery

Massage sends you to sleep, even in hospital

Several studies have examined whether “nursing interventions” help patients in institutions and hospitals sleeping. No clear conclusions could be drawn, and this why the authors in Sweden looked at all such studies together. They found that neither “nursing interventions” (whatever they are) nor did relaxation had much effect on sleep. However, massage, acupuncture, music, natural sounds or music videos were very effective in aiding sleep. So get out your MP3 player or go for a walk if you can, or – guess what – have a massage to help you sleep at night. I have several clients who reported much better sleep at night since they started having regular massage. (Worldviews Evid Based Nurs. 2010 Oct 12)

Massage for people with dementia

Tactile massage is a soft massage that improves physical relaxation and psychological well-being. This study looked at how this gentle massage affects elderly people with severe dementia. They found that tactile massage reduces aggressiveness and stress in people with dementia after 30 20 minute massages spread over six weeks. (Am J Alzheimers Dis Other Demen. 2010 Dec;25(8):680-6)

Issue 13b of the Massage Message, 31 December 2010.
Regina Dengler
Touching Well
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