NO HANDS® Massage

In NO HANDS Massage we use our arms (and other parts of our body) rather than our hands for the deep strokes, leaving our hands free to provide the lighter strokes. As the surfaces of the arms are broader and softer, the touch envelops you and invites you to pleasantly let go of tension. Once the the tissues relax, your body finds a new level of balance, spaciousness, freedom of movement and flow of energy. With all that and more, the outcome is often a great sense of well being.

"I arrived having had a stiff, painful neck for quite a time. I had one treatment and was really impressed with the result, no pain or discomfort. I was a little sceptical about NO HANDS massage, but I feel converted to its effectiveness."
Jenny, Mansfield.

The NO HANDS approach was developed by Gerry Pyves after many years of clinical experiences. He describes this beautiful bodywork in "The Principles and Practice of NO HANDS Massage".

I offer the following NO HANDS Massages:

The NO HANDS Back Massage

This is one of the most powerful ways to release the tension and undo all the knots in your spine, hips and neck.

The unique approach of NO HANDS means that so much more release can be achieved than through conventional Massage treatments – and all of it pain-free. The 'Gentle Giant' of  means that you are able to free up NO HANDS not only your back but also your whole energy!

The NO HANDS Foot Massage

This treatment is sheer bliss.

The foot reflects your whole body and after this amazingly deep foot Massage you will leave feeling your whole body transformed. This is a deeply relaxing and pleasurable treatment to soothe away the stresses of the day. Leave the session literally 'walking on air'!

The NO HANDS Head Massage

This treatment is actually a Massage of your whole head, neck, face and shoulders!

It can help you to totally release tension throughout your whole being and leave you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated… Feeling the gentle depth of NO HANDS around your head and face is simply a unique and profoundly uplifting experience.

The NO HANDS Full Body Massage

This is all of the above treatments combined into one powerfully flowing Massage treatment. It is an unbelievable experience!

If you wish to have the full NO HANDS experience then this is the best way to do it. From beginning to end you will feel yourself enveloped in the healing power of the most powerful touch on the planet. Your body will take whatever it needs from this treatment, whether it is nurturance, connection, release or rejuvenation. The power of touch felt through your whole body...

The NO HANDS Colon Massage

This is a uniquely naturopathic treatment which allows your body to balance itself. Working gently and deeply, it allows the muscles of your major elimination organ to regain health. The colon is probably the single most important organ for your health and energy. Traditional non drug approaches to health have recognised this for thousands of years. Massage of the colon walls through the belly is probably one of the oldest and most effective non–invasive ways to bring this organ into balance.

Colonic muscles are essential to proper and healthy elimination of toxic waste matter from your body. Without this, you are likely to be re-absorbing toxins into your body with damage to your immune system, your energy and your health. In one study of New York colons (post-mortem), over 90% of the population had poorly functioning colons.

Autointoxication (sluggish colon) can cause lower back ache, low energy and headaches and is considered by most experts to be responsible for many of the more serious chronic illnesses. This gentle Massage can bring very rapid relief to these symptoms as it addresses their cause.

NO HANDS colon Massage is a deep but gentle way to bring these muscles back to proper functioning – naturally. Gentle pressure is applied through the abdomen and with our unique sign language you remain totally in control throughout the treatment.

You may notice on the pictures the client’s hands on her chest. It has been agreed between therapist and client that she would raise a finger if the massage becomes uncomfortable or she would like it to stop immediately. This allows very deep work while the client stays in control at all times, never going deeper or faster than the client feels comfortable with.

The NO HANDS Reflex Massage

Experience the power of your reflexes being worked without pain but deeper than you have ever felt!

Stimulating the reflexes of your feet is as ancient as touch itself and can affect your whole body. Based on the principle that your foot represents your whole body, millions of people all over the world have experienced the powerful therapeutic benefits of this treatment. The NO HANDS Reflex treatment takes it one step further…

Eunice Ingham, the pioneer and inventor of Reflexology opened up a whole new system of triggering the body's own self healing power. By pressing on points in the foot - literally 'firing' them up - millions of people all around the world have benefited from this lady's genius. NO HANDS goes straight back to this woman's amazingly simple philosophy.

Because the whole of the practitioner's bodyweight is utilised - and all without any pain - the reflexes in the feet are fired more powerfully in much less time. In other words it is just like Reflexology, only more so. Try it and assess for yourself.

The NO HANDS Chair Massage

This is an amazing way to get a Freeing  Massage – whilst remaining fully clothed!

You sit in a specially designed chair and get all the benefits of powerful Massage. It is possible to work deeply through clothing (without pain) to help you to release tension, recharge and rejuvenate.

Because it is so portable I can even bring this chair to the venue or workplace of your choice and can offer special group rates for you and your colleagues or friends. Please contact me for more details.

The NO HANDS Structural Release Treatment

Using some of the newest and deepest bodywork techniques in the world, you can free up your spine, neck and hips so they can function how they were always meant to function.

When your spine, neck and hips are free, supple and flexible then nerve, lymph and blood supply to all your organs is improved with increased functioning, health and energy. Leave after only 30 minutes with your whole body buzzing with energy for the week ahead!

Like the colon, your structural balance is vital to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Your neck spine and hips are the central core of your body’s health. Structural integrity is maintained by your muscles (actually, the fascia). When they become tight and knotted, compressed or twisted, we feel the negative effects throughout our whole being. Exhaustion, depression and discomfort as well as illness can all accompany this structural imbalance.

The reverse is true of structural health. Energy, vibrancy, joy and fulfilment in life become much more possible when your body is allowed to function in the way it was always meant to. The deep power of the Gentle Giant of No Hands® Massage enables you to release all the tension in your structural muscles. Pleasantly.

The NO HANDS De-tox treatment

This is a powerful treatment which combines working specific reflex points in your feet with the deep and powerful NO HANDS Colon treatment.

This stimulates your body's own natural instinct to de-toxify and cleanse itself. It is particularly good for those times in your life when you just know you need a good ‘clear out'.

To understand how a NO HANDS De-tox treatment works we need to focus on the elimination systems of your body. The four major organs of elimination are: The skin, kidneys, colon and lungs. Massage is especially powerful because it stimulates the skin and lungs to release throughout the session. The kidneys and colon are both worked reflexively through the feet and we work directly on the colon through touch. Simply by increasing your water intake to approximately 2 litres a day will suport your kidneys in their work.

If you book a session or a series of sessions you will discover that our De-tox system is one of the most effective treatments on the market.

The NO HANDS Transformational massage

This is an amazing way to use massage to support the changes you want to make in your life.

In seeking balance in our lives we often have to make changes. Maybe it is a question of losing weight or giving up an addiction. Maybe it is a question of succeeding more in life. Whatever it is that you need to change, you can use the power of touch to help you.

Using the latest discoveries in both touch and the mind, you can literally ‘embed’ the changes you want in your body’s tissues. The very latest scientific discoveries are revealing another intelligence entirely to the brain – one that lies deep in our cellular structure. Some call it the Body-Brain or the Body-Mind. Whatever language we use, the simple truth is that touch can be used to powerful effect when combined with the mind.

I will help you to use the power of your mind during this treatment and at the same time I will be working specific parts of your body to help you achieve your goals. Even more importantly, you can do this confidentially if you wish – I need never know what it is you wish to change. It is not a ‘psychotherapy’. It is just about using touch to support the changes that you wish to make in your life.

The power of touch, your most powerful sense, is utilised to support your journey through life. Please feel free to discuss this further with me.

What next?

Most of the treatments at Touching Well are a combination of NO HANDS massage and other bodywork modalities, including Myofascial Release. I love NO HANDS massage as it is so (seemingly) effortlessly effective... I have taken some of the above information from Gerry Pyves's previous NO HANDS website, he developed this approach. I have trained with him and the NO HANDS® Massage Company and I am currently a member of the NO HANDS Massage Association.

If you would like to experience an exquisite massage, NO HANDS massage (in my biased opinion) is certainly worth a try. But be careful, it's more-ish.

I look forward to hearing from you, either by phone on 0115 8457113, or through the contact form.


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