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Psychodramatic Bodywork Introduction in Stoke and in Southampton

Introductory Level Workshop 27-29 March 2020 in Stoke and 8-10 May in Southampton

If you’re feeling stuck in a job or relationship that’s no longer working for you or going around in circles with the same old negative patterns then this powerful transformative training is for you. Using emotional release work and psychodrama you will learn to unblock negative patterns which will enable you to tap into your inner spontaneity and creativity.

From this place, you can start to make the changes you need to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Deep personal healing does occur because it’s an experiential workshop, but it is not a therapy group. Members will need significant support at various times during and after the workshop to complete and integrate what was begun in the workshops.

When: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th March 2020
Times: 9am – 5pm each day.
Where: Torus Wellbeing Clinic, 24 Cemetery Road, Shelton, ST4 2DL .
Cost: £180 for 3 days – concessions are available on request.

For further information or to book your place contact Nicola Brough on 01782 273314 or info@toruswelllbeingclinic.co.uk or Jonathan Salisbury jfhs2844@gmail.com or 07875 321108.

There are two Psychodramattic Bodywork workshops in Southampton.

  • 8th to 10th May 2020 for Intro
  • 25th to 27th September for Intermediate

Contact Jonathan Salisbury 07875 321108 or jfhs2844@gmail.com) for more information.

What is Psychodramatic Bodywork?

Psychodrama uses dramatic action methods to free and integrate spontaneity blocked by earlier trauma. Bodywork uses Safe Touch to help individuals connect with the messages that are held in the body as pain, numbness and/or illness. Susan works with a skilled team of assistants who perform demonstrations that help illustrate the theory and the process of Psychodramatic Bodywork®. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and fosters learning in an easy, natural manner. A spiritual component that deepens the effectiveness of the work is incorporated into the training.

Psychodrama is . . .
​. . . a form of psychotherapy in which blocked spontaneity from earlier traumas is unblocked and reintegrated through dramatic action methods

​Bodywork is . . .
​. . . a form of healing that involves touching numb, tense or painful areas in a safe manner. This process often directs us to unexpressed emotions that can be expressed, resulting in a freeing of body energy flow.

Course Content and Format

The Introductory & Intermediate workshops are designed to meet the needs of participants with varying degrees of experience in dealing with cathartic release. Participants will be exposed to a range of skills, from emotional first aid to deep cathartic release facilitation. Great attention is paid to the creation of a safe group. The intersecting dimensions of race, ethnicity and gender are explored in this context. There will be both didactic presentations and experiential learning. Experienced facilitators will assist in the small-group experiential components. 

Introductory Level Workshop - 27-29 March & 8-10 May 2020

  • Understanding, witnessing and experiencing the emotional release of anger, sadness and fear.
  • Providing facilitated opportunities to experience the release of each emotion safely.
  • Witnessing the full range of anger, sadness and fear, from barely expressed to fully released.
  • Learning where the body holds each of these emotions when they are "unexpressed."
  • Learning and practicing guidelines for Safe Touch.
  • Increasing one’s comfort level in the use of Safe Touch.
  • Experiencing the integration of emotional release and bodywork within the structure of a psychodrama.
  • Learning and practicing the 6 aspects of closure theory.

Deep personal healing does occur because it’s an experiential workshop but it is not a therapy group. Members will need significant support at various times during and after the workshop to complete and integrate what was begun in the workshop.

Intermediate Level Workshop - 25th to 27th September

  • The 3 styles of blocking anger, sadness and fear.
  • Identifying the meridians in the body that relate to each blocking style.
  • Relating the blocking styles to various life traumas and the healing process.
  • Four basic headache patterns and how to work with them.

Introducing basic psychodrama skills: role playing, interviewing in roles, role reversal, doubling. Deep personal healing does occur because it’s an experiential workshop but it is not a therapy group. Members will need significant support at various times during and after the workshop to complete and integrate what was begun in the workshop.

Psychodramatic bodywork was developed by Susan Aaron in Canada. The workshops in the UK are facilitaed by Jonathan Salisbury (01142474705, jfhs2844@gmail.com) and assistants.

Massage at an annual Health Fair

Andrea Duncan, Regina Dengler and Charlotte Sutcliffe - after giving 60 massages

Thank you for inviting us to your annual staff welfare event. It was a most enjoyable day for us practitioners, and judging from the feedback, for the employees, too. Between us we did more than 60 massages.

Really helpful with sorting out tension in my neck and upper back.

Excellent massage one again. Lovely way to start the day. Would defini9tely recommend to anyone.

Fantastic massage. Eased muscular tenderness.

Wonderful massage. Helped my back a lot.

Absolutely fabulous. Thank you for the massage and advice.

Excellent massage and thank you for the advice.

Great massage and very relaxing.

Excellent. Shame we cannot have them every week. Lovely and relaxing.

Amazing experience. Lovely and relaxing.

Excellent massage and advice on increasing muscle strength in my arm.

Relaxing and wonderful massage. Much appreciated.

Loved this. Need more of this in my life!

Really rejuvenating and stress relieving.

Fantastic - Amazing - Thank you.

Wow! This was a welcomed treat. Andrea was lovely and put me at ease straight away. Pressure was perfect.

Fab massage. Felt much more relaxed in shoulders, and looser.

Absolutely lovely massage - could have fallen asleep. Now I feel very refreshed.

Really amazing. I feel very relaxed and energised. My shoulder, which has been in pain, feels so much looser. Thank you.

Very relaxing and calming experience. I would have one of these massages every day if I could. Thank you - and well done for arranging.

Nice and relaxing. Attendance to painful areas. Thank you.

Relaxing and calming massage. I would definitely benefit from this massage regularly.

Lovely treat on a working day. Very relaxing and informative. Thank you.

Relaxing. Helped me with my sore neck. Thank you.

Really enjoyed the massage. Thank you very much. Professional service.

Fabulous. Really enjoyed the massage.

That was a beautiful and relaxing massage. Thank you.

Thank you. Very relaxing. Just what I needed.

Restorative. Thank you so much.

Really relaxing. I already feel much better. Great service.

Really relaxing, good advice and very friendly.

Loved the massage. Felt great afterwards.

Loved the massage,  I feel totally different from before I came.

The massage was beautiful. Very relaxing and soothing. I really appreciated it.

Good strong hands. Perfect to loosen the knots from a day at the desk.Very relaxing. I feel amazing afterwards.

Enjoyed the massage today. It released tension and was invigorating.

Very much enjoyed the massage today. I left relaxed and more flexible. Thank you very much. I would recommend.

Was lovely and relaxing and found all the knots.

I feel taller and aligned. Thank you.

Was very relaxing. I could feel the tension leaving me.

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and joy.

New Massage Message

The most recent Massage Message contains a good mix of research and stories from clients. This issue concentrates on dry cupping. It also covers studies on massage of emergency staff, covers studies on sleep, myofascial release after breast surgery, Complex Physical Therapy (for lymphoedema) and lipoedema.

I've had persistent pain in my sacrum, coupled with a history of slipped/herniated discs for the past 7 years. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in years due to pain.
I am overjoyed that after a course of 5 massages all the pain has gone and my body is learning to be more and more comfortable each session. I have had a week of unbroken sleep and am deeply grateful for the relief that Regina has facilitated for me.

Regina is of course highly skilled with lots of fantastic massage techniques, but more than that, she is a gifted body worker who brings wisdom, kindness and deep intuition to her clients. My body trusts her, and with that is able to relax into the physical invitations to release old patterns, injuries, and even mindsets.

As a psychotherapist I am more used to addressing symptoms through talk and creativity, but Regina as able to bypass my busy mind with all its theoretical constructs and get straight to the experience, while also holding her own psychological wisdom lightly. My partner is a very skilled massage practitioner, so anyone working with my body has a high bar to reach and Regina vaults over it effortlessly! Highly recommended.

Harriet Hanmer, Southwell

You can read more news in the most recent Massage Message

Recent Photo shoot

Thank you, Jess and Victoria, for being such wonderful models for my recent massage photo shoot. The pictures turned out really well, and as far as I am concerned Trinity deserves top marks. I have started  putting the images on my website.

Call for a model - all bodies welcome!

Trinity Hoult, a photography student, has generously offered to do a massage photo shoot on Thursday, 28th March at 3 pm at Touching Well on Carlton Hill. We are planning a fun, experimental photo session.

If you would like to be Touching Well famous model and would appreciate a free massage session, please get in touch via contact form or 0115 8457113.

We have now found two models. Thank you. I look forward to the photoshoot. And to the photos. Watch the website!

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill

New Massage Message

The most recent Massage Message contains a good mix of research and stories from clients. The most intriguing is a "proof of principle" study, it shows that neuromuscular taping of the back of the neck can reduce blood pressure. Regular massage can also lower your blood pressure. I'd choose taping or massage over medication, as you may guess, I am biased.

Living with Lymphoedema

from the perspective of a retired nurse.

"Finding Regina Dengler – a “Lifesaver

As my condition worsened, I realised I really had to get help in the form of a therapist, and I discovered Regina Dengler who was recommended to me by Susanna Priest. Regina is a very experienced and caring therapist and most importantly for me, she was registered with MLDUK, so I knew I was in good hands.

Regina uses the Casley-Smith method of MLD with Deep Oscillation, and she gets really effective results for me; she has literally been a lifesaver. She has given me exercises to complete, skin care advice, information on breathing routines, and helped me to improve my simple lymphatic drainage techniques in order to keep my symptoms in check. I have to admit though, I am not fully compliant!"

This article is reproduced with the kind permission of MLD UK. It featured in the Summer issue of MLD UK The Journal 2018.

Letting you down gently

This is now an option, if not a necessity, at the end of each session. The reason for that is my new, height adjustable massage table. It is as singing and dancing as you can get: head and leg part go up and down, arms pieces go down and obviously it is height adjustable. The latter feature is the reason for my new table, I started to get back ache from leaning over too much during MLD and deep oscillation treatments.

My talented daughter Sonja sewed the new towels, you won’t believe how much the edges fray without the bias binding. Here is a bit of advertising for her: you can commission her for a new coat or blouse sewn from Ikea’s finest or other material. Contact her on 07582 557250.

You can read more news in the most recent Massage Message

We are following government instructions on physical distancing so we can't see clients at the moment.

We are happy to give support and advice using phone, email or Skype.

Keep in touch (metaphorically).

Stay safe. With warm regards, Regina

List of treatments
Myofascial Release (MFR) - Saving Hands massage -
Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® - ATMAT -
- Seated Acupressure - Indian Head Massage - Pulsing - Reiki -
- Reflexology - Tsuboki Foot Massage - Hopi Ear Candles -
Hot and Cold Stone Massage - Myofascial dry cupping -
Aromatherapy Massage - Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage (ALM) -
- Fertility Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Post-natal Massage -
- Dorn Method - Breuss Massage -
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - Deep Oscillation -
- Holistic Facial - Face Vitality - Total Detox -

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