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I have just finished the new Massage Message. I have been writing my newsletters for twenty years, I can hardly believe it: the first issue was on baby massage based on some work I did for the successful Sure Start programme (remember that?).

This Massage Message contains the usual mix of studies on how bodywork helps with various aches and pains; as well a couple of studies on acupressure, as used in on-site massage, and stress-relief. I found some interesting new work on who is most likely to develop lymphoedema after cancer treatment, and therefore would benefit from preventative treatment. 

The best written feedback I received in the last few months contained the sentence: "If it weren't for Regina, I don't think I could go back to work". I have it from a reliable source that she is a very good bus driver. Other feedback, which is not possible to put in writing, are the smiles when clients get off the massage table. 

You can reach Touching Well by mobile: 0794 227 6538, or via our landline 0115 648 9636, or the contact form.

Opening times: Monday to Thursday daytime

 I hope to see you soon. With warm regards, Regina

I recently listened to two interesting podcasts about the microbiome and pain. The first podcast features the current science on the connection between the microbiota-gut-brain axis and chronic pain. The second podcast is with the UK Pain Specialist and author Dr Deepak Ravindran, who will be talking about his Lifestyle Medicine approach to chronic pain. This includes optimising the gut microbiome and nutrition.

The Gut, Brain and Chronic Pain Part 1
The Gut, Brain and Chronic Pain Part 2 with Dr Deepak Ravindran

These links are via apple, but you should find the Microbiome Medics podcast in your podcast software.

I get quite a few enquiries for Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) for de-tox. I am a little sceptical about this. In my opinion, if there is anything to de-tox it could be done with less booze, sugar and processed food. Exercise works very well for activating the lymphatic system. So does massage, in particular Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage (ALM).

However, for post-surgery or lymphoedema MLD is a fantastic therapy, particularly when used with Deep Oscillation.

The Guardin recently wrote an interesting article: What is lymphatic drainage massage and why do celebrities love it?.

I have been listening to the Zoe podcasts for a while now. They are mostly about nutrition and exercise, but the most recent one about stress. It is called "Beat stress with science: 4 key techniques for stress relief". It is hosted by ZOE CEO Jonathan Wolf with special guest Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. He is a professor of Health Education at the University of Chester and also hosts a podcast: Feel Better, Live More.

"Stress is a main factor contributing to ill health, and Dr. Rangan Chatterjee believes that it’s the number-one cause of the illnesses he treats. In this episode of ZOE Science & Nutrition, Rangan sheds light on the causes of stress, ranging from sleep deprivation and overwhelming workloads to a lack of quality time with others. You’ll learn how “microdoses” of stress can reach a tipping point, why recognizing these doses is key, and which powerful strategies can help you cope." "Among other tips, Rangan outlines the importance of human touch. Studies show that safe, affectionate touch stimulates special nerve fibres in the skin, reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol."

23-12 Christmas card

I have just completed the new Massage Message, as always, it has a summary of the latest research articles on Massage, Myofascial Release and lymphoedema.

When I looked through the recent research literature on bodywork and lymphoedema, I noticed quite a few studies on healthy people. One such study looked at a group of people I hugely admire – teachers. I was struck by the profound effect of myofascial release on their well-being. You'll find a summary of the reseach in the new Massage Message.

I am sad to announce the ceasing of our beloved landline number 0115 845 7113. This is due to an almighty mess-up by BT (probably not helped by Virgin Media Business) when porting our number. This number now lives in the ether of the unused Virgin Business Number Pool and cannot by retrieved (according to BT and Virgin). R.I.P.

You can reach Touching Well by our new landline number: 0115 648 9636, mobile: 07942276538, via the contact form or by email: regina @ touchingwell.co.uk (without the spaces).

Unfortunately our contact number is currently only working from a landlines, not from mobiles. Please contact us from a landline, through the contact form or by email at regina @ touchingwell.co.uk (without the spaces).

For the sake of my stress levels I hope BT is sorting the issue swiftly. In the last few months I had long conversations with lots of different customer service staff. The last one re-asured my that he finally found the problem - we will see on Monday.

22 Christmas Card

Wishing you joy,
peace and wonder
in the festive season,
health, courage
and hope for
the coming year.

I have just completed the new Massage Message, issue 37. 

It has a couple of non-bodywork related articles that caught my eye: how to calm a crying baby and about the benefits of walking backwards (obviously without falling over).

I have recently started supervision training, and I am looking for supervisees as a trainee supervisor. There is more about this in the Massage Message. There are also the obligatory articles about massage and Myofascial Release, this time focussing on getting things moving and scar treatment. A common subject of scientific papers on Manual Lymph Drainage focus on the benefit of MLD for women after breast cancer treatment - I found another one. I am also sharing my impressions and tips from my recent MLD update course in Wales. 

I have just completed the new Massage Message. As always, it has a summary of the latest research articles on Massage, Myofascial Release, Aromatherapy, Manual Lymph Drainage and Deep Oscillation®. It has a couple of suggestions on what you can do yourself to ease back or neck pain (apart from keeping moving and/or seeing a professional).

What a pretty tape.

I have been using more taping recently, for lymphoedema, support after injury and pain.

It works works well for a client who has a hernia in her abdominal wall but can't have surgery to repair it. As long as the tape is applied correctly, the main risk is an allergic reaction to the glue.

Samar is currently undergoing a series of lipoedema surgeries. Unfortunately she had a fall onto her left knee, damaging it quite badly. She found taping really helpful, she can exercise and walk up stairs without pain. This helps her to build up her muscles to support her joints.

Here you can see "work in progress" with the lipoedema not yet treated and the empty skin.

Such a long and hard journey.

I have just completed the new Massage Message, as always, it has a summary of the latest research articles on Massage, Myofascial Release, lipoedema and lymphoedema. Writing the Massage Message gives me ample opportunity for procrastination.

I noticed that research into foot and hand massage is popular, and rightly so. In my practice a foot or hand massage is always appreciated - often we don't realise how wonderful it feels.

There is now good evidence that Massage and Myofascial Release help with chronic pain conditions, and there is emerging evidence that it helpful for "Long Covid", too.

I very much hope that the pandemic is easing, both here and elsewhere. I am grateful to report that (so far) I have come through this challenging time okay. I am also thankful that I could see clients from July last year, sometimes only those with medical need. And thirdly, I am grateful that I have been fully vaccinated. Obviously we will be following government guidelines with face coverings, distancing (where possible), and a lot of cleaning, washing and ironing on my part.

From the 12th April I can see all clients, with or without medical need. Hurray.

During the last few months I was so happy to see clients who really needed a treatment, and I (hopefully) made a difference to their life. Obviously all the the precautions (face covering, physical distance where possible, lots of cleaning) will still be in place. You will need to complete my Covid screening form.

In February I had my first dose of the vaccine, and a recent antibody test (as part of a research study) showed that I have antibodies against Covid.

Hazel texted me this morning: "I just wanted to let you know that when I got out of bed this morning my shoulder didn't hurt. First time in ages. Thank you for the treatment yesterday."

I now have an air cleaner in the treatment room. It can exchange the air up to 6 times per hour and it can catch virus.

I know, the use is controversial, in the UK they say "don't bother", in Germany they recommend it for schools and offices. It seems that the UK authorities have not considered all the options.

I thought I'll give it a try. It is more noisy than I expected. Of course it will not replace all the other precautions.

I learned yesterday that we indeed have a pudding stomach. When we are full, we can still eat something calorie-dense, in order to put down a deposit when food is more scarce. And some other mammals have one, too. Some bears gorge themselves in salmon, and when they are full, the eat only the skin and fat under the skin, leaving the flesh behind.

There are roughly four different attitudes to food, illustrated by the Monday morning cookie round (pre-Covid, obviously). Imagine a plate of cookies is passed round during a Monday morning meeting. There are four different kind of responses:

  • some people take a cookie even before the plate has reached them and start eating.
  • others long for the cookies but not necessarily take one
  • some people don't even notice the plate with cookies (annoying)
  • and yet others take a cookie and start eating without even noticing that is what they are doing.

Very interesting, I would definitely notice the cookies, I can be in longing response group when I am in a strong willpower frame of mind.

I listened to a podcast how genes can make us fat, the Life Scientific with Giles Yeo from Cambridge University. About 40 to 70 per cent of our weight is influenced by genes, mainly via a complicated circuit that tells our brain how much fat we have. If you want to use weight, it is best to be honest with yourself (which cookie response do you have?) and put temptation out of your way.   

Just watching touch can be so soothing and relaxing. I remember the in pre-Covid times on massage courses, it is so difficult to stay awake during the demonstrations. This is vicarious touch - we imagine we are on the receiving end. Dog and cat stroking works, too, as outlined in this article: How a year without touch affects your mental health.

Remember, you can come for a treatment if you have a medical need, be it physical or mental health.

We are now under more severe restrictions, are they called tier 5? Tier 4 extra strong? I understand that the exceptions for the new restrictions are the same as before, i.e. I am allowed to offer treatment for medical reasons.

New clients, please complete my Corona Virus Screening and Risk Factor form. Current clients, please complete my Corona Virus Screening form.

Wishing you a healthy New Year - with some joyous moments and resilience to deal with all that is thrown at you in 2021. (Resilience is fashionable concept, so I thought I'll use it. If you have come as far as reading this, I am sure you are already resilient.)

We offer treatments for medical conditions while in tier 4.

We are now in tier 4, the general message is "stay at home". You can go out for medical appointments, and we are allowed allowed to offer treatment for medical conditions. These could be physical, such as pain or oedema, or mental, for example anxiety or depression. 
Treatments for general well-being, important as they are, have to wait until the regulations change.

Wishing you joy, peace and wonder in the festive season (despite the current challenges).

During second second lockdown I was allowed to offer treatment to address medical issues. From the 2nd of December 2020 I will be able to offer treatments that are not necessarily medical but a wonderful enrichment of your life. We will be following government guidelines with face covering wearing, a visor over my face and a lot of cleaning, washing and ironing on my part. This is a small price to pay for being able to share the gift of touch. (I am getting all poetic.)

As you are aware, we are now (in November 2020) in lockdown. At Touching Well we are allowed to offer medical treatment. This could be for physical or mental reasons, for example pain, oedema, depression or anxiety. Please get in touch if you need medical treatment.

All ready to see clients today (Monday, 13th July 2020).

For some clients I may wear an apron that can easily be desinfected. Sonja made a couple of aprons from a shower curtain. She also made these brand new coverings for my massage table. That will reduce the bulk of the washing.

See how we go with the cleaning routine between clients.

Learnt yesterday that we are allowed to see clients again from Monday, 13th July 2020. I look forward to seeing you soon, obviously with all the advised safety procedures.

We will find out how to work best within the "new normal", refining forms, consultations, cleaning routines, extra washing, time between treatments ...

There is new government advice on "Keeping clients safe during Covid-19 in close contact services", which suggests the benefits of a visor as opposed to face covering. I have integrated this into the Touching Well Corona Policy, and I am now kitted out in the latest visor fashion.

On Tuesday, 23rd of June there was new government guidance, allowing hairdressers to go back to work on the 4th July, but massage practitioners not. This is the explanation I found on the BBC:

But "touching people is definitely a risk factor," says Dr Shaun Fitzgerald, visiting professor in civil engineering at the University of Cambridge. "Wherever people are touching, that's a known transmission risk factor." ... "Even at 2m distance, it's better not to be face-to-face, but face-to-back, or back-to-back, or side-to-side."

This could be one reason why hairdressers - who can for the most part stand behind or to the side of a client - are allowed to open first.

Virologist Dr Smith adds: "When you go in to get your nails done, your hands are on the table, you're leaning forward… you're having to go very close to that person, face to face." He also weighs up the value of hairdressers compared with the others. "Your life does not depend on getting a tattoo [or your nails done]. But if you don't get your hair cut... you might even lose your job."

As much as I like and respect Chris Smith (I listen to his podcasts), society has definitely gone backwards in terms of gender equality if you loose your job because you can't get a hair cut.

As far as I am concerned, we don't have to be face to face, or even near anybody's face. In the week before lockdown I avoided releasing the neck with clients lying on their back, this work can be done very nicely side-lying or prone.

The Touching Well Corona Policy is being regularly updated, please have a look.

I invite comments on this policy, please let me know. I am currently thinking about a fair cancellation and charging poilicy. Any ideas?

Draft Corona Policy

The aim of this policy is to keep clients safe and well.

Clients are expected to judge when it safe for them to seek treatment. Their consent is assumed when they book and attend an appointment. They have the option of a very cautious approach with the non-contact part of the treatment taking place remotely. Hand washing and sanitising facilities are provided. It is possible to provide the treatment using disposable gloves. Clients can choose if they want to wear a face covering. The therapist is prepared to wear a face covering when the client is on the premises.

We will undertake infection prevention measures, including

  • doors will be opened for clients on arrival and departure,
  • clients are discouraged from touching surfaces,
  • any surfaces that may have been contaminated are cleaned between each contact,
  • clients and therapist will use good hand hygiene,
  • physical distancing when possible.

Please be aware that the treatment room has soft furnishings, books and other "non-essential items", which cannot be disinfected. 

All clients asked at booking and on arrival the following:

  • Do you suspect you are currently infected, either with the corona virus or with any other potentially contagious condition?
  • Do you have a raised temperature above 38°C?
  • Have you lost your sense of taste and/or smell in the last few days? (Sense of smell may be tested on arrival)
  • Have you developed a cough in the last few days?

If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes" the treatment will be postponed. The client must inform the therapist if they develop symptoms before the appointment or post treatment. You will be asked to sign this at each session. 

Initial consultation client choice between:

  • virtual consultation - clients will be asked to sign consent form either remotely or on arrival,
  • phone consultation - clients will be asked to sign consent form prior to treatment on arrival,
  • in garden (weather and privacy permitting),
  • in treatment room with two metres distance with face covering if chosen.

Existing clients: Welcome, check-in, agreement of treatment, etc

  • by phone on arrival near premises,
  • in garden (weather and privacy permitting),
  • in treatment room with two metres distance with face covering if chosen.

Treatment prone (on front), side lying therapist facing away from client, and massage chair:

  • neither therapist nor client wear face covering

Treatment on upper body supine (on back) or side lying with the therapist facing client

  • therapist wears face covering
  • therapist and client wear face covering

Treatment on lower body supine (on back) or side lying with the therapist facing client

  • therapist does not wear face covering
  • therapist wears face covering

Specialist supine head and neck treatments:

  • back raised so that client sits at 45° angle
  • therapist wears face covering

Seated acupressure treatment is also possible in the garden, weather permitting.

Default in blue, unless agreed otherwise.


  • preferred choice is balance transfer before or after treatment
  • cheque, cash or card payments are accepted

Face coverings:

  • clients are encouraged to bring own
  • therapist provides face covering which is sanitised after use
  • clients have the option of purchasing face covering

To be worked out:

  • Cancellation policy
  • Charging, particularly if treatment is likely to take more time.

Just bought a steam cleaner ready for all the desinfecting I need to do when I can see clients in person, hopefully early July. Steam cleaner arrived and it working a (hot) treat.

These workshops did not happen, I'll leave them on because I would hightly recommend Psychodramatic Bodywork when things are safe again.

Psychodramatic Bodywork Introduction in Stoke and in Southampton

Introductory Level Workshop 27-29 March 2020 in Stoke and 8-10 May in Southampton

If you’re feeling stuck in a job or relationship that’s no longer working for you or going around in circles with the same old negative patterns then this powerful transformative training is for you. Using emotional release work and psychodrama you will learn to unblock negative patterns which will enable you to tap into your inner spontaneity and creativity.

From this place, you can start to make the changes you need to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Deep personal healing does occur because it’s an experiential workshop, but it is not a therapy group. Members will need significant support at various times during and after the workshop to complete and integrate what was begun in the workshops.

When: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th March 2020
Times: 9am – 5pm each day.
Where: Torus Wellbeing Clinic, 24 Cemetery Road, Shelton, ST4 2DL .
Cost: £180 for 3 days – concessions are available on request.

For further information or to book your place contact Nicola Brough on 01782 273314 or info@toruswelllbeingclinic.co.uk or Jonathan Salisbury jfhs2844@gmail.com or 07875 321108.

There are two Psychodramattic Bodywork workshops in Southampton.

  • 8th to 10th May 2020 for Intro
  • 25th to 27th September for Intermediate

Contact Jonathan Salisbury 07875 321108 or jfhs2844@gmail.com) for more information.

What is Psychodramatic Bodywork?

Psychodrama uses dramatic action methods to free and integrate spontaneity blocked by earlier trauma. Bodywork uses Safe Touch to help individuals connect with the messages that are held in the body as pain, numbness and/or illness. Susan works with a skilled team of assistants who perform demonstrations that help illustrate the theory and the process of Psychodramatic Bodywork®. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and fosters learning in an easy, natural manner. A spiritual component that deepens the effectiveness of the work is incorporated into the training.

Psychodrama is . . .
​. . . a form of psychotherapy in which blocked spontaneity from earlier traumas is unblocked and reintegrated through dramatic action methods

​Bodywork is . . .
​. . . a form of healing that involves touching numb, tense or painful areas in a safe manner. This process often directs us to unexpressed emotions that can be expressed, resulting in a freeing of body energy flow.

Course Content and Format

The Introductory & Intermediate workshops are designed to meet the needs of participants with varying degrees of experience in dealing with cathartic release. Participants will be exposed to a range of skills, from emotional first aid to deep cathartic release facilitation. Great attention is paid to the creation of a safe group. The intersecting dimensions of race, ethnicity and gender are explored in this context. There will be both didactic presentations and experiential learning. Experienced facilitators will assist in the small-group experiential components. 

Introductory Level Workshop - 27-29 March & 8-10 May 2020

  • Understanding, witnessing and experiencing the emotional release of anger, sadness and fear.
  • Providing facilitated opportunities to experience the release of each emotion safely.
  • Witnessing the full range of anger, sadness and fear, from barely expressed to fully released.
  • Learning where the body holds each of these emotions when they are "unexpressed."
  • Learning and practicing guidelines for Safe Touch.
  • Increasing one’s comfort level in the use of Safe Touch.
  • Experiencing the integration of emotional release and bodywork within the structure of a psychodrama.
  • Learning and practicing the 6 aspects of closure theory.

Deep personal healing does occur because it’s an experiential workshop but it is not a therapy group. Members will need significant support at various times during and after the workshop to complete and integrate what was begun in the workshop.

Intermediate Level Workshop - 25th to 27th September

  • The 3 styles of blocking anger, sadness and fear.
  • Identifying the meridians in the body that relate to each blocking style.
  • Relating the blocking styles to various life traumas and the healing process.
  • Four basic headache patterns and how to work with them.

Introducing basic psychodrama skills: role playing, interviewing in roles, role reversal, doubling. Deep personal healing does occur because it’s an experiential workshop but it is not a therapy group. Members will need significant support at various times during and after the workshop to complete and integrate what was begun in the workshop.

Psychodramatic bodywork was developed by Susan Aaron in Canada. The workshops in the UK are facilitaed by Jonathan Salisbury (01142474705, jfhs2844@gmail.com) and assistants.

Massage at an annual Health Fair

Andrea Duncan, Regina Dengler and Charlotte Sutcliffe - after giving 60 massages

Thank you for inviting us to your annual staff welfare event. It was a most enjoyable day for us practitioners, and judging from the feedback, for the employees, too. Between us we did more than 60 massages.

Really helpful with sorting out tension in my neck and upper back.

Excellent massage one again. Lovely way to start the day. Would defini9tely recommend to anyone.

Fantastic massage. Eased muscular tenderness.

Wonderful massage. Helped my back a lot.

Absolutely fabulous. Thank you for the massage and advice.

Excellent massage and thank you for the advice.

Great massage and very relaxing.

Excellent. Shame we cannot have them every week. Lovely and relaxing.

Amazing experience. Lovely and relaxing.

Excellent massage and advice on increasing muscle strength in my arm.

Relaxing and wonderful massage. Much appreciated.

Loved this. Need more of this in my life!

Really rejuvenating and stress relieving.

Fantastic - Amazing - Thank you.

Wow! This was a welcomed treat. Andrea was lovely and put me at ease straight away. Pressure was perfect.

Fab massage. Felt much more relaxed in shoulders, and looser.

Absolutely lovely massage - could have fallen asleep. Now I feel very refreshed.

Really amazing. I feel very relaxed and energised. My shoulder, which has been in pain, feels so much looser. Thank you.

Very relaxing and calming experience. I would have one of these massages every day if I could. Thank you - and well done for arranging.

Nice and relaxing. Attendance to painful areas. Thank you.

Relaxing and calming massage. I would definitely benefit from this massage regularly.

Lovely treat on a working day. Very relaxing and informative. Thank you.

Relaxing. Helped me with my sore neck. Thank you.

Really enjoyed the massage. Thank you very much. Professional service.

Fabulous. Really enjoyed the massage.

That was a beautiful and relaxing massage. Thank you.

Thank you. Very relaxing. Just what I needed.

Restorative. Thank you so much.

Really relaxing. I already feel much better. Great service.

Really relaxing, good advice and very friendly.

Loved the massage. Felt great afterwards.

Loved the massage,  I feel totally different from before I came.

The massage was beautiful. Very relaxing and soothing. I really appreciated it.

Good strong hands. Perfect to loosen the knots from a day at the desk.Very relaxing. I feel amazing afterwards.

Enjoyed the massage today. It released tension and was invigorating.

Very much enjoyed the massage today. I left relaxed and more flexible. Thank you very much. I would recommend.

Was lovely and relaxing and found all the knots.

I feel taller and aligned. Thank you.

Was very relaxing. I could feel the tension leaving me.

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and joy.

New Massage Message

The most recent Massage Message contains a good mix of research and stories from clients. This issue concentrates on dry cupping. It also covers studies on massage of emergency staff, covers studies on sleep, myofascial release after breast surgery, Complex Physical Therapy (for lymphoedema) and lipoedema.

I've had persistent pain in my sacrum, coupled with a history of slipped/herniated discs for the past 7 years. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in years due to pain.
I am overjoyed that after a course of 5 massages all the pain has gone and my body is learning to be more and more comfortable each session. I have had a week of unbroken sleep and am deeply grateful for the relief that Regina has facilitated for me.

Regina is of course highly skilled with lots of fantastic massage techniques, but more than that, she is a gifted body worker who brings wisdom, kindness and deep intuition to her clients. My body trusts her, and with that is able to relax into the physical invitations to release old patterns, injuries, and even mindsets.

As a psychotherapist I am more used to addressing symptoms through talk and creativity, but Regina as able to bypass my busy mind with all its theoretical constructs and get straight to the experience, while also holding her own psychological wisdom lightly. My partner is a very skilled massage practitioner, so anyone working with my body has a high bar to reach and Regina vaults over it effortlessly! Highly recommended.

Harriet Hanmer, Southwell

You can read more news in the most recent Massage Message

Recent Photo shoot

Thank you, Jess and Victoria, for being such wonderful models for my recent massage photo shoot. The pictures turned out really well, and as far as I am concerned Trinity deserves top marks. I have started  putting the images on my website.

Call for a model - all bodies welcome!

Trinity Hoult, a photography student, has generously offered to do a massage photo shoot on Thursday, 28th March at 3 pm at Touching Well on Carlton Hill. We are planning a fun, experimental photo session.

If you would like to be Touching Well famous model and would appreciate a free massage session, please get in touch via contact form or 0115 8457113.

We have now found two models. Thank you. I look forward to the photoshoot. And to the photos. Watch the website!

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill

New Massage Message

The most recent Massage Message contains a good mix of research and stories from clients. The most intriguing is a "proof of principle" study, it shows that neuromuscular taping of the back of the neck can reduce blood pressure. Regular massage can also lower your blood pressure. I'd choose taping or massage over medication, as you may guess, I am biased.

Living with Lymphoedema

from the perspective of a retired nurse.

"Finding Regina Dengler – a “Lifesaver

As my condition worsened, I realised I really had to get help in the form of a therapist, and I discovered Regina Dengler who was recommended to me by Susanna Priest. Regina is a very experienced and caring therapist and most importantly for me, she was registered with MLDUK, so I knew I was in good hands.

Regina uses the Casley-Smith method of MLD with Deep Oscillation, and she gets really effective results for me; she has literally been a lifesaver. She has given me exercises to complete, skin care advice, information on breathing routines, and helped me to improve my simple lymphatic drainage techniques in order to keep my symptoms in check. I have to admit though, I am not fully compliant!"

This article is reproduced with the kind permission of MLD UK. It featured in the Summer issue of MLD UK The Journal 2018.

Letting you down gently

This is now an option, if not a necessity, at the end of each session. The reason for that is my new, height adjustable massage table. It is as singing and dancing as you can get: head and leg part go up and down, arms pieces go down and obviously it is height adjustable. The latter feature is the reason for my new table, I started to get back ache from leaning over too much during MLD and deep oscillation treatments.

My talented daughter Sonja sewed the new towels, you won’t believe how much the edges fray without the bias binding. Here is a bit of advertising for her: you can commission her for a new coat or blouse sewn from Ikea’s finest or other material. Contact her on 07582 557250.

You can read more news in the most recent Massage Message

List of treatments
Myofascial Release (MFR) - Saving Hands massage -
Therapeutic massage -
Maya Abdominal Therapy -
- Seated Acupressure - Indian Head Massage - Pulsing - Reiki -
- Reflexology - Tsuboki Foot Massage - Hopi Ear Candles -
Hot and Cold Stone Massage - Myofascial dry cupping -
Aromatherapy Massage - Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage (ALM) -
- Fertility Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Post-natal Massage -
- Dorn Method - Breuss Massage -
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - Deep Oscillation -
 - Treatment for lymphoedema - Treatment after cosmetic surgery -
Holistic Facial - Face Vitality - Total Detox -
 - Virtual sessions - Supervision

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