Tsuboki Foot Massage

Tsuboki® foot massage is divinely relaxing massage based on Eastern and Western bodywork traditions. Lie back on the supremely comfortable LaFuma chair and allow yourself to be pampered.

We are now able to see all clients, with or without a medical reason.
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We are structuring sessions for you to have the best and safest experience in the current situation. Virtual sessions are also available.

Stay safe and sane. Hope to see you soon.
With warm regards, Regina

“I feel I have got a new pair of feet”
Zoya, Sneinton, Nottingham

You can receive the Tsuboki foot massage

  • reclined in a LaFuma chair – this is like floating in haven,
  • flat on a massage table
  • on a massage table with your back raised.

In India the tradition of foot massage goes back thousands of years. According to folklore, foot massage was taught by Buddha, and then later combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the 5th and 6th century warrior monks brought it to Japan, where it became known as Zoku (foot or leg) Shin (heart) Do (way). It was introduced as separate discipline in Japan, often offered at inns. Weary travellers would be able to remove their shoes, have their feet washed and then massaged to restore their energy and well-being.

Meridians are channels of energy or qi, ki or chi, that flow round the body in a continuous loop. They are the same channels that acupuncturists use, but they are also used in Chinese and Japanese medicine and massage. There are 12 bilateral main meridians, and two on the mid-line of the body, one at the front and one at the back. If the energy is flowing well, the person is well and healthy. Conversely, blockages and stagnation ultimately cause ill health.

A Tsubo is an an acupressure point along a meridian. Here the ki energy rises to the surface of the body. Stimulating these points encourages the flow of energy throughout the meridian, and thus through the body. It is like sending a charge or a wave though the meridian to clear the channel. The pressure can be very light and still be effective. Biomedical research has shown  that the body sometimes requires very little energy to “jump start” the healing process.

So much for the background.

Now the practicalities:

A full session takes about an hour. The Tsuboki foot massage has five stages:

  1. Massage without oil will warm up the feet, you will start to relax. The nerves are stimulated that affect the different parts of the body.
  2. The Ridoki Roller is a stainless steel roller with flat ends. The roller enables us to vitalise the feet in a way hands cannot do.
  3. The flowing movements of the massage with oil relaxes you even more. We can work more deeply to increase circulation, to tone and relax all muscles of your feet. The oil or lotion moisturises the skin of your feet, which can get quite dry and cracked.
  4. The pressing of tsubos on the meridians of the foot encourages the flow of chi energy through the meridian. Each tsubo has its own specific benefits, but the aim of this massage is to balance the overall energy flow. We also stoke each meridian in the direction of flow. There are 33 tsubos and 6 meridians on each foot.
  5. “Buddha's footprints” is a lovely, calming way to complete the massage. By gently holding specific areas on both feet at at the same time in a particular sequence, you are connected to the elements, encouraging the smooth flow of chi through your body.

“I loved the last point – I could feel your finger still touching afterwards”
Julie, Beeston, Nottingham

That was the point representing transformation!

Try it, it's fabulous,

“I say: that's a winner”
Alonit, Carrington, Nottingham

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