Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage (ALM)

Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage stimulates the lymphatic system by applying light pressure in the direction of the lymph nodes. It uses soft pumping movements to move excess fluid and waste products so that they can drain away normally. It uses pure essential oils to aid the elimination of waste and toxins from the body, thus enhancing the therapeutic benefit.

Though this massage is very gentle, its effects can be powerful. The rhythmic, yet light movements calm body and mind – and aid deep relaxation. When I received my first aromatherapy lymphatic massage, I went into a deep trance and woke up refreshed afterwards.

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The benefits of ALM are similar to Manual Lymphatic Drainage as they both move fluid and waste products out of the tissues so that they can be eliminated. I see MLD as a “medical” treatment for oedema and swellings, while ALM is for other applications, such as detox, sluggish circulation, chronic sinusitis and sore throat.

Aromatherapy lymphatic massage detoxifies the body, but it cannot do it on its own. It helps if you support your detox with a healthy eating, drinking and exercise regime. For most benefit I would advise at least four weekly treatments.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage

Face and neck

  • Provides the skin a deep cleanse.
  • Remove dead squamous cells on the surface of the skin.
  • Improves epidermis and dermis regeneration.
  • Improve or restore capillary flow under the epidermis.
  • If applied regularly, it decreases wrinkles.
  • Encourage skin cell growth and heal scar tissue (for the whole body and the face).
  • Can also improve alopecia, acne and other skin conditions.
  • Clears congested lymph gland on neck and under chin, though not during the acute stage of infection. Particularly helpful after an illness.
  • Chronic tonsillitis, sore throat and sinusitis.
  • Water retention, for example bags under eyes.

General benefits 

  • Free tissue blockages and adhesions.
  • Releases muscular tensions.
  • Help tissue fluid re-absorption.
  • Improve capillary circulation (blood and lymph).
  • Decrease activity of sympathetic nervous system while increasing para-sympathetic activity, thus deeply relaxing.
  • Can improves cellulite.
  • Increase vitality and stamina.
  • Markedly reduce stress and stress symptoms.
  • Supports body to get over illness – in convalence.
  • Boosts immune system to prevent illness and help restore health and wellbeing.
  • Especially useful for people with recurrent infections.
  • Will help heal scars from surgery or burns.
  • Help re-absorption of haematoma (bruises) specially post-surgical.
  • Help remove waste and bacteria from the body.
  • Decongest the lymph and reduce lymph-oedema after surgery or sprains.
  • Help restore joint movements in frozen shoulders or arthritic joints.
  • Improve look of stretch-marks or other similar skin damage.
  • Restore suppleness of connective and muscular tissues (fascia & tendons, joints).

When not to have ALM or MLD

  • During acute infection. It will bring out a cold if you have been fighting one. Great for recovering from illness. MLD contra-indicated until Antibiotics work, usuall 3 days.
  • Acute heart or kidney failure (not that you want to come to me, rather go to A&E).
  • Some people are worried that massage or MLD will spread cancer, and for that reason massage or MLD was contra-indicated when someone has an active malignant tumour. However, there is no evidence that massage or MLD will spread cancer, there is even speculation that it might help. And it might provide some comfort. I'll be guided by you.

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