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This page is about how massage can support you while you are trying to conceive and/or stay pregnant. You don't have to be defined as "infertile" to benefit....

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What is infertility and how common is it?

Infertility as the inability to conceive despite trying for two years (NICE 2004). However, some authorities define infertility when trying to conceive for a year, or in women over 40, for six months. In a broader sense infertility can also include those who are not able to carry a pregnancy to term. It is estimated that one in seven UK couples has difficulty conceiving, approximately 3.5 million people (HFEA, 2006).

There are many biological causes of infertility, some which may be bypassed with medical intervention. In people going forward for IVF in the UK, roughly half of fertility problems with a diagnosed cause are due to problems with the man, and about half due to problems with the woman. However, about one in five cases of infertility have no clear diagnosed cause (HFEA).

Massage and bodywork

I am passionate about massage and bodywork, and I believe that massage has a lot to offer to you while you are trying to conceive. At this moment you may want to wait and see what happens, try fertility awareness, start on the route to IVF or are well into IVF - massage can help you on your journey.

“A baby is the second prize.
The first prize your well-being and health”

Rosita Arvigo, Healer and teacher of Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy

Obviously I can't promise that you'll have a baby a year later, but hopefully massage and bodywork will have supported you along the way. Massage can help you

  • to relax, decreasing stress and tension
  • to connect with your inner wisdom, getting in touch with your rhythm, being at home within yourself, and becoming clear about the next step
  • to let go of blockages and trauma, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual
  • make time to let something new into your life

"This is my seventh massage. Unbelievable to say but each time one better than the last. When I came for the first time I was so stressed out with wanting a baby. Finding out I needed IVF to achieve this was the last thing I wanted to hear. What I find Regina was!!! Where would I be? I can only say that I am in a much better place now. Positive. Calm. Relaxed. Take each day and its challenges one step at a time. This is all thanks to Regina and her massage. Wonderful. The best. With only one regret: Why did I not find her sooner?
The best gift this gave me was to appreciate the one beautiful daughter I do have. Thanks so much for this."
Sandra, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but we've had good news. We discovered we were pregnant last week. I'm so sorry as I know you were using me as a case study....but I guess it worked! :-)
Thanks again for your time and help. I enjoyed our sessions and definitely think the massage along with my diet changes and acupuncture all contributed to our happy news last week."
Tanya had two sessions, one just before my Maya Massage training, the second as one of my first case studies afterwards. I did not hear anything from her for six weeks, and then she wrote the above email.

There are several possible ways massage can help you, below I'll outline a few:


Stress can be a major issue when you are trying to conceive, and women in this situation often have clinical depression rates similar to women who have heart disease or cancer (Domar, 1993). Also couples undertaking IVF face considerable stress (Beutel, 1999). This is where massage can be of great help. Regular massage can reduce stress levels considerably by not only relaxing you physically but also mentally and emotionally. It helps you to make space in your life, go inwards, relax and unwind - ready to face what is next – may it be conception, IVF, or letting go.

Recent studies  (in Spring 2014) have found that stress can lead to infertility, both for women and men. High levels of pre-conception stress more than double the chances of a woman failing to get pregnant after 12 months of trying. Scientists measured levels of alpha-amylase, and enzyme in saliva that proved a biological indicator for stress. Women with high levels of the biomarker were 29% less likely to get pregnant that those with low levels.

Belly massage

During the massage we can work on your abdomen. This may be gentle holding – sensing what is happening at this very instance, perhaps a letting go, allowing healing and connection to happen. Or it could be slow, deep work, inviting you release tension in your digestive system and other abdominal organs. Or it could be a combination of the two.... You are in control, you decide on the depth and speed of the massage – and obviously how far it is right for you at that very moment to let go – there is no right or wrong.

Work on the lymph system

We could work on the lymphatic system using Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) or Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage. This will help you to be in great shape when you conceive.


Reflexology can support you before conception, during IVF and of course once you are pregnant. Apart from the relaxing effects of Reflexology, we can work on reflexes of organs associated with fertility, such as the pituitary gland (for the hormones) or the Fallopian tubes.

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Many women find Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) very helpful. Not only do you receive a massage, get emotional support, etc, but you learn a lot of ways to support yourself on your journey (not that you don't support yourself already).

This is what the Rosita's website says: "It has been estimated that approx 30 % of woman who have been unsuccessful in conceiving eventually conceive after a succession of Arvigo sessions. Once the uterus is in its optimal position, there is improved hemo dynamics and homeostasis to support and enhance fertility. When including the partner in the process, we find fertility is increased! After all, men need this work as much as women do." More is written in the Massage Magazine (November 2017): Can this ancient Mayan massage techique increase conception. There is also a podcast by Rosita Arvigo.

I wrote most of this page before I trained in Maya Abdominal Therapy® in 2013. After this training I would recommend you start with Maya Abdominal Therapy if you want to go down the massage route for support. The reason for this is that you get so much more than a wonderful massage focussing on the pelvis and abdomen: advice, suggestions, self care massage, ... I would feel terrible if you could not benefit from the best (in my opinion) available for you. Having said that, you are not here to care for me, you know best what you are drawn to as support for your journey.

What next?

Whether or not you decide to have massage or bodywork, I wish you the best. Maybe I'll see you during you fertility jouney, or later during pregnancy, or post-natally, or for a bit of de-stressing.

Should you wish to contact me, you can phone me on 0115 845 7113 or contact me via the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With warm regards,


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