Seated Acupressure

Seated Acupressure arm

Seated Acupressure is a seated (obviously) treatment received wearing clothes. No oils are used.

Specific acupressure points are stimulated with finger and elbow pressure to balance energy flow of the body. After the treatment clients feel calm, relaxed and clearly focused. This makes it ideally suited as a treatment for the work place.

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The recipient will sit on a specially designed massage chair. This supports the knees, chest, head and arms, ensuring that the client is seated in the most comfortable position to receive the massage.

Seated Acupressure is particularly beneficial for upper body tension, it relieves neck and shoulder pain, tension headaches and RSI problems.

"Worked wonders with my right arm. Thank you very much."
Sue, Sangenic, Mansfield

A Seated Acpressure session can be up to an hour in length, but work place treatments are usually not longer than 30 minutes.

  • Ten minute sessions cover massage on the upper back, shoulders and neck. It always amazes me what a difference a ten minute session can make to someone's day.
    We can massage five people in an hour for this length of session. I have tried to massage six people in an hour, but this resulted in a rush, particularly if someone is a couple of minutes late for their session.

  • Fifteen minute sessions cover massage on the upper back, shoulders and neck. In addition it is possible to respond to the client’s “problem” areas.
    We can massage four people in an hour for this length of session. This is my personal preferred length, as there is enough time to work on all the “hot spots” plus a bit extra to cover individual needs.

  • A twenty minute session covers massage on the upper back, shoulders and neck. As with the fifteen minute session there is time to deal with problem areas. In addition we will cover either the lower back or the arms.
    We can massage three people in an hour for this length of session.

  • The half hour session will cover extensive work on the whole back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands.
    I can massage two people in an hour for this length of session.

Seated Acupressure neck stretch

"Straightened me after a long shift forklift truck driving."
 Jason, Sangenic, Mansfield

Each massage starts by taking some details from clients, usually they are asked to read a screening form before the session. Each recipient of on-site massage is requested to sign that, firstly, they agree to receive massage, and secondly, that have let the therapist know about any issue mentioned on the screening form applies. This ensures the safety of on-site massage for the client as the therapist can tailor the massage to their particular needs, for example certain points, such as Large Intestine 4 in the picture, must be avoided for pregnant clients.

"I found the shoulder and the neck massage extremly relaxing. The practitioner was very professional by asking about pressure level and how it felt. Such a treat to have and experience, I will be back for more! Fantastic."
Natalie, NG2, Nottingham.

I have to put that one on; I massaged Roger Daltroy and his team before his concert at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham:

Roger Daltry

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