Deep Oscillation®

 “positively influences inflammation
and cell regeneration.”

I never thought I'll buy a machine to do massage! Actually, I didn't – the Hivamat 200 will enhance the massage I do with my hands. Let me explain:

Deep Oscillation® is characterized by an intermittent electrostatic field, which is built up between my hands and your tissue. It creates low frequencies of gentle electrostatic impulses that ‘knead' your skin's tissue by attracting and releasing it between 5-200 times a second.

This feels very relaxing with a slight vibration. It reaches between 8 and 12 centimetre into your body, gently pulling and releasing all layers between your skin to your muscles and even your internal organs. (Click here schematic explanatory video.)

Deep Oscillation® is very safe, it does not produce heat or electrical stimulation (a circuit is not completed – this is part of the patented circuitry). It can be used very gently and in situations where massage is not yet beneficial, for example hours after an injury, the day after surgery or on wounds – and it enhances and multiplies the benefits of massage and manual lymph drainage in chronic conditions.

In essence, Deep Oscillation® positively influences inflammation, both acute and chronic.

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Inflammation (Latin, inflammare, to set on fire) is part of the complex response of our body to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. It is an attempt of our body to remove the offending stimuli and to initiate the healing process. Without inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal. Inflammation can be classified as either acute or chronic.

Acute inflammation is the initial response of our body to harmful stimuli and is achieved by the increased movement of plasma and leukocytes, especially granulocytes, from the blood into the injured tissues. This is a biological chain reaction involving the local vascular (blood and lymph) system, the immune system, and various cells within the injured tissue.

The release of chemicals dilates the tiny blood vessels in the area, which increases blood flow and results in redness and warmth. Some of the chemicals also cause the blood vessels to become “leaky” so that fluid (plasma) leaks into the tissues, resulting in swelling. All this slows down the blood flow and allows white blood cells to gather at the sides of the vessel so their numbers increase (normal flowing blood prevents this). Lastly, the inflammation process may stimulate nerves and cause pain. These chemicals should switch off very quickly once the inflammation has done its job and the blood flow returns to normal.

Sometimes, however, the body’s immune system inappropriately triggers an inflammatory response where there are no foreign substances to fight off, or continues to be inflamed long after a problem has been dealt with. Macrophages, which are different white blood cells, become involved and their inflammatory chemicals cause damage to the body’s tissues resulting in simultaneous destruction and healing. This means that the tissues thicken and loose their elasticity. In the simplest terms, this is what happens in chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

How does Deep Oscillation® affect inflammation?

Deep Oscillation® stimulates blood flow and thus prevents white blood cells building up in the vessels. So fewer inflammatory chemicals are produced. This reduces the swelling, heat and redness of inflammation, but still allows healing to take place. It soothes pain and it is very relaxing.

In chronic inflammation tissues start to thicken and lose elasticity due to the build-up of fibrosis. Deep Oscillation® helps to disperse fibrosis by gently disrupting and “loosening” it. This enables the client to gain better movement in the affected area, which, in turn, can stimulate a virtuous cycle where increased flexibility makes it harder for further fibrosis to develop and the client can get onto the road to recovery.

"I wasn't very mobile when I first came for the Deep Oscillation massage you recommended to gently ease my aching, inflamed muscles. Over the weeks and months I gradually regained movement and strength. I always felt so much better after the treatment. I know the massage played a big part in making me feel better. I don't think my PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica) has gone completely, but I don't need to take medication for it any more."
Alison, Nottingham


Deep Oscillation® is helpful for anything that involves inflammation and cell re-generation. When I researched inflammation on Wikipedia, even obesity was described as an inflammatory process. Perhaps it would go a bit far to claim that Deep Oscillation® is good for weight loss per se, but it supports a weight loss programme. And reportedly it is fantastic for “orange peel skin”, which affects more than 80% of women (I certainly have some!).

Deep Oscillation® is good for

  • reducing fibrosis, acute and chronic
  • reduction in bruising
  • stimulating wounds to heal, even open wounds
  • stimulating flow of nutrients to targeted tissue
  • improving tissue quality
  • detoxification
  • treating cellulite (orange peel skin) 
  • stimulating collagen production in the connective tissue
  • stimulating cell regeneration
  • lifting and toning muscles
  • naturally improving skin elasticity
  • anti-aging treatment for face-neck-décolleté
  • respiratory problems
  • people with lymph oedema
  • scar tissue, after injuries, surgery, burns or radiotherapy
  • general and surgery after care , from 1st day post-op
  • aesthetic surgery rehabilitation, pre- and post-operative liposuction.
  • in burns treatment
  • stimulating milk flow and unblocking milk ducts
  • sports injuries

"Following surgery to remove a basal cell carcinoma I had a long, lumpy, swollen and inflamed scar on my neck. After only one treatment of deep oscillation the swelling was reduced, the hard lumps had become softer, it was less painful and the inflammation had gone! I have now had two more treatments and it continues to improve."
Elizabeth, Arnold, Nottingham

What happens during a session?

As usual, I will take a history, talk to you, establish what you want to get out of treatment. If I think Deep Oscillation may support your healing process, I will offer this treatment option to you. As with all bodywork, one session is beneficial, a block of more frequent sessions will have a much greater impact.

deep oscillation knee

If you go for Deep Oscillation, I will need access to your skin in the area to be treated. You will be given the titanium neutral element to hold, or alternatively, you can hold the "dozy pad". I will connect an electrode to my skin, and put on a pair of thin special gloves. I will then glide with my hands over your skin. You will feel a gentle vibration. The treatment is very pleasant and relaxing, and at no time you should feel any pain.

"After my session with Regina my lower back problem was instantly restored – from barely being able to bend down to performing and dancing on stage completely pain-free! All this was down to one session of Deep Oscillation therapy."
Sarah Hewson, Arnold, Nottingham


A Deep Oscillation session costs £54 per hour.

Call me to arrange a session

You can contact me on 0115 648 9636 or 07942276538, or via the contact form

If you have any questions or would like to discuss something in particular, then please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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