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Hi there does deep oscillation help soften scar tissue where haematoma was removed thank you Hi Margaret, Deep Oscillation does help to soften …

Pregnancy and use of hivamat machine 
Hello, Im currently 10 weeks pregnant and had a job at a lymphedema center. We used the hivamat machine on many patients and I am aware that one of the …

Where is your premises? I see no mention of this on the website, strange.. I am on Carlton Hill in Nottingham (This information is also on the FAQ …

Use of Kinesio Tape for lymphoedema in head and neck 
I have Lymphodema in the left side of my face and in my neck and my oncology therapist has used Manual Lymph Drainage and also used kinesio tape in my …

Massage in early pregnancy - is it safe? 
I am pregnant with our second baby, currently only about 7 weeks. I had a horrible pregnancy last time with a number of issues and just wondered if there …

Tattoo Removal 
Hi there, I am considering laser tattoo removal and have read that lymphatic massage might help the process of getting rid of the toxins. My reason for …

Swollen foot after pregnancy 
I have suffered with a swollen right foot since being pregnant with my second child 12 years ago. It is swollen on the top of my foot and my toes are too …

Kinesiology tape and drainage 
If MLD has not been a successful treatment option for upper extremity lymph edema can the kinesiology tape strategy still work? Regina writes There …

Does taping help swelling of the lower leg? 
If the lower leg has odemic swelling from sitting for long periods, would taping help to keep the swelling down after lymph massage? Regina answers: …

Do you know if this treatment is available on NHS please. Hi Phil, As far as I know on-site massage is not available on the NHS. Recently studies …

After MLD I feel as if I had chemotherapy. Why? 
I had breast cancer 4 years ago & had a mastectomy and full axial clearance. I developed lymphoedema in my left arm before receiving chemotherapy and …

Oedema caused by anti-depressant 
I wonder if anyone else has got this condition from taking a prescribed anti-depressant called Mirtazapene? I was on this drug for 3 years the first …

Appointments at weekends 
Hi, I wanted to get Tsuboki® foot massage for one hour or less this weekend on sunday or even saturday. I wanted to know the timings, price and location …

Touching Well in Brazil 
Hello, Regina. I would like to know if your company has a branch in Brazil, for massage is my main way of releasing stress. I,m very interested on it, …

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