Saving Hands Massage

In Saving Hands Massage we use our arms (and other parts of our body) rather than our hands for the deep strokes, leaving our hands free to provide the lighter strokes. As the surfaces of the arms are broader and softer, the touch envelops you and invites you to pleasantly let go of tension. Once the the tissues relax, your body finds a new level of balance, spaciousness, freedom of movement and flow of energy. With all that and more, the outcome is often a great sense of well being.

You can reach Touching Well by mobile: 0794 227 6538, or via our landline 0115 648 9636, or the contact form.

Opening times: Monday to Thursday daytime

 I hope to see you soon. With warm regards, Regina

"I arrived having had a stiff, painful neck for quite a time. I had one treatment and was really impressed with the result, no pain or discomfort. I was a little sceptical about Saving Hands massage, but I feel converted to its effectiveness."
Jenny, Mansfield.

Each massage is designed to be right for you when you come, but you can broadly categorise the following Saving Hands Massages:

The Saving Hands Head Massage

The Saving Hands Back Massage

This massage will not only release your back and hips, but it will also release your whole body - effortlessly.

The Saving Hands Foot Massage

This treatment is heavenly bliss.

The foot is said to reflect your whole body. Hence we will not only release tension in your feet (thus affecdting your posture, standing and walking) but liberate your whole body. This is a deeply relaxing and pleasurable treatment to soothe away any stresses. Leave the session with a "spring in your step"!

Even though it is called a head massage, we treat  head, neck, face and shoulders!

It can help you to totally release tension throughout your whole being and leave you feeling nurtured and rejuvenated.

The Saving Hands Full Body Massage

All of the above treatments combined into one amazing massage treatment. An hour of pure bliss!

If you wish to have the full Saving Hands experience then this is the best way to do it. From beginning to end you will feel yourself enveloped in the healing power of the touch. 

The Saving Hands Colon Massage

Saving Hands colon massage is a deep but gentle way to allow the colon muscles and the fascia to ease to "proper" functioning – naturally.

You may notice on the picture the client’s hands on her chest. It has been agreed between therapist and client that she would raise a finger if the massage becomes uncomfortable or she would like it to stop immediately. This allows very deep work while the client stays in control at all times, never going deeper or faster than the client feels comfortable with.

Saving Hands massage of the belly

The Saving Hands Reflex Massage

In this treatment the power of the reflexes are worked deeply, and it is indeed the bases for the Touching Well style of Reflexology.

Like all Saving Hands treatments, the therapist is using her bodyweight, thus being able to apply pressure with ease. In this case the reflexes in the feet are fired more powerfully in much less time. It is a bit like Reflexology on steroids - naturally.

The Saving Hands Chair Massage

This massage works beautifully in combination with Seated Acupressure, to be honest, I combine the two approaces, plus other modalities such as myofascial release (MFR), in most chair massage treatments. A thressome made in heaven for almost instant release.

You sit in a specially designed chair and get all the benefits of powerful Massage. It is possible to work deeply through clothing (without pain) to help you to release tension, recharge and rejuvenate.

Because it is so portable I can  bring this chair to the venue or workplace of your choice and can offer special group rates for you and your colleagues or friends. Please contact me for more details.

The Saving Hands Structural Release Treatment

This Saving Hands treatment can free up your spine, neck and hips so they can function how they were always meant to function.

When your spine, neck and hips are free, supple and flexible then nerve, lymph and blood supply to all your organs is improved. This leads to better functioning, health and energy. Leave after only 30 minutes with your whole body buzzing with energy for the week ahead!

Your structural balance is key to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Your neck spine and hips are the central core of your body’s health. Structural integrity is maintained by your muscles (actually, the fascia). When they become tight and knotted, compressed or twisted, we feel the negative effects throughout our whole being. Exhaustion, depression and discomfort as well as illness can all accompany structural imbalance. The reverse is true of structural health. Energy, vibrancy, joy and fulfilment in life become much more possible when your body is allowed to function in the way it was always meant to.

The Saving Hands De-tox treatment

This is a powerful treatment which combines working specific reflex points in your feet with the deep and powerful Saving Hands Colon treatment. This stimulates your body's own natural instinct to de-toxify and cleanse itself. It is particularly good for those times in your life when you just know you need a good ‘clear out'.

The Saving Hands Transformational massage

This is an amazing way to use massage to support the changes you want to make in your life.

In seeking balance in our lives we often have to make changes. Maybe it is a question of losing weight or giving up an addiction. Maybe it is a question of succeeding more in life. Whatever it is that you need to change, you can use the power of touch to help you.

Using the research in both touch and the mind, you can literally ‘embed’ the changes you want in your body’s tissues. There is now evidence that there is an other intellegence but the one of the brain - embodied in our fascia and muscles, our gut (even the microbiom), even at the cellular level. In this way, using bodywork and the power of your mind, we can archieve truly marvellous - well - transformation.

We will use the power of your mind during this treatment and at the same time I will be working specific parts of your body to help you achieve your goals. You can do this confidentially if you wish – I need never know what it is you wish to change. This is not ‘psychotherapy’, we are using touch to support the changes that you wish to make in your life.

What next?

Most of the treatments at Touching Well are a combination of Saving Hands massage and other bodywork modalities, including Myofascial Release. I love Saving Hands massage as it is so (seemingly) effortlessly effective...

If you would like to experience an exquisite massage, Saving Hands massage (in my biased opinion) is certainly worth a try. But be careful, it's more-ish.

I look forward to hearing from you, either by phone on 0115 8457113, or through the contact form.


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