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Tsuboki Foot Massage

I have suffered with foot pain for many years & experienced conditions such as plantar fasciitis & tendonitis. I have osteoarthritis in my king toes &

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Touching Well News

Wishing you joy in the festive season, and health for 2022.

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Do you do post op MLD?

Seroma drainage? Hi Fiona Sorry, I can't drain a Seroma.

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Looking forward

Thank you very much Regina for your wonderful massages. They always make me feel fantastic afterwards and I think your skills and techniques are really

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Massage Message - Touching Well Newsletter - new edition out now

Massage Message is Touching Well's regular newsletter containing tips, advice, latest research findings, inspiration and even poems!

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Walking better

I first met Regina in 2013, and over the year I can honestly say that every treatment has been exceptional. I am staggering in, and an hour later I walk

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Recovery from surgery

I've been seeing Ragina for about five months now and she has helped me recover from a previous surgery, Ragina knows exactly what my body needs every

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MLD after surgery

Cannot recommend Regina enough! Went to see her following surgery for 2 courses (10 sessions) of Manual Lymph Drainage. Not only is she professional, respectful

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Cranial Massage

Hi Cranial massage has benefits Is this something you do ? Hi Steve, I do massage the cranium, but I am not a qualified craio-sacral therapist or cranial

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Back and hip issues sorted

Personalised massage, each session was different and tailored to my needs. Regina really helped with some of the problems I was having in my back and hips.

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Recovery after surgery

I went to Touching Well following surgery, she was so lovely and welcoming. I felt really comfortable with her and the massages helped a lot with my recovery.

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Riding easier

It's great to be back having sessions with Regina. My body is really benefiting, and I can see the effects mirrored back when I ride my horses - body is

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Touching Well's Corona Policy

Touching Well's Corona Policy - keeping clients safe and well

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DIY self-care

Self-care resources

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Touching Well’s top tips

Hints and tips to stay well

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Virtual treatment with Touching Well

A virtual treatment can be surprisingly effective

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My monthly massage

Thank you the thorough massage this morning. I feel a lot better in my right calf now and the work on my lower back was relaxing. Interesting QL on that

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Recovery after surgery

Regina really helped me to recover from my recent surgery. Very skilled and I was more relaxed than I have been for ages. Can only recommend. Thanks!

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Bodywork Magic

Regina is a magician. She knows the body, very well including the nerves, tendons and ligaments. She can tell you what is causing the issue by feeling

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Recovery after lipeodema surgery

Saw Regina on Monday for an MLD session for my Lipedma. She was absolutely wonderful, my legs felt so much better and lighter. What a great start to my

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Massage gift voucher

Please complete this page if you would like to purchase a Touching Well gift voucher

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Research on touch, massage and other interesting topics

New research on touch, massage and other interesting topics

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As a massage practitioner I say

Regina is an amazing practitioner. Every treatment I've had has been unique and tailored to how I'm feeling and what my body needs in that moment. I can

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Hi there does deep oscillation help soften scar tissue where haematoma was removed thank you Hi Margaret, Deep Oscillation does help to soften scar

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Hot and cold stone massage at Touching Well in Nottingham

Hot and cold stone massage at Touching Well in Nottingham

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Comfort in my sacrum

I've had persistent pain in my sacrum, coupled with a history of slipped/herniated discs, for the past 7 years. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in years

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Vaser Liposuction

I recently had vaser liposuction and two days later after the procedure I had MLD massage as recommended by my surgeon. The results were amazing and helped

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Myofascial dry cupping in Nottingham

Myofascial dry cupping in Nottingham

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Post surgery and several gym sessions

I have been visiting Regina now for a few months and would not know at times (most times), what I would have done without her. I had inner thigh surgery

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Really needed to see Regina today. My arm was very stiff and painful. My own fault, I hadn't worn my sleeve enough. She always releases the tension -

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Hip pain gone

Amazing! Had one session and my nagging-type hip pain was completely gone. It only came back after a week and a half, but that's okay because that's when

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Worked wonders on my back

Always a relaxing experience, seeing Regina. Worked wonders on my back. I am very happy with what she has done.

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On-site hand massage

Recently I was asked massage emplyee's hands, rather than head, neck and shoulders. Everyone said that they carry a lot of tension in their neck and shoulders,

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Just what I needed

We worked as a team with Andrea Duncan and Caroline Salzedo. Wonderful. Regina has magic hands. Mandy M Excellent session. Really enjoyed it. Angela W

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Amazing Rejuvination!

It is always great to come to Regina for a treatment after our busy period when work seems to completely destroy you. I know that whenever I feel like

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After major surgery

After having major surgery over the last year I had been advised by my surgeon to try a lymphmatic massage, I found Regina and I could not believe the

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Myofascial release of arm after surgery

I really needed to see Regina today. My arm was very stiff and painful – my own fault, I hadn’t worn my sleeve enough. She always releases the tension

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Helping me achieve a normal life

Following the completion of my PhD, I experienced a severe flare up of my fibromyalgia. Over the years I have tried most types of treatment with little

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Sensitive pregnancy massage

Regina is a highly sensitive massage therapist. I started sessions late in my pregnancy (35 weeks) and have been enjoying weekly massages that are both

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Healing hands

I suffer with chronic neck pain and also have a busy life; working long days and looking after an active young child. I have tried physiotherapy which

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Precious time

I always look forward to my therapy with Regina knowing that I am in very good hands. I love walking into her therapy room where it is always warm and

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Moving around pain free

It is lovely to be able to move around without pain in my back.

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Touching Well Privacy Policy

Touching Well is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors on our site.

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Attention to my feet

I arrived thinking that I was fine and was looking forward to a general massage. Regina started on my feet and we never got any further. The result was

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Less Fatigue

Ive been coming to Regina since Christmas for a Lymphatic Drainage/massage, to help with my chronic fatigue syndrome. Since the first treatment I have

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A deep sense of wellbeing

Regina is a skilled and intuitive practitioner. She has a wide range of approaches and techniques to suit individual needs to support change. A session

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Manual therapy MOT

Having discovered Regina & her amazing magic hands several months ago I would very strongly recommend her. As a manual therapist myself & an educator

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I can't believe my legs!

I have always suffered with arthritis in the knees. Not more any more since my first reflexology massage. The constant aches and pains in my legs have

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Thank you for the lovely treatment. I feel very liberated and freed up.

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    Seroma drainage? Hi Fiona Sorry, I can't drain a Seroma.

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