“Imagine feeling calm, yet fully alive
as all your stress and aches and pains
just melt away”

…that feeling of well-being
can be yours with
Touching Well Massage

You can reach Touching Well by mobile: 0794 227 6538, or via our landline 0115 648 9636, or the contact form.

Opening times: Monday to Thursday daytime

 I hope to see you soon. With warm regards, Regina

Do you ever wish you could stop the world and take time out for yourself?

Modern life is so busy and putting yourself first can often seem like the lowest priority on your list. It’s all too easy to ignore your aches and pains, or pretend that feeling stressed or tense is normal. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Massage is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself

A regular massage is one of the best ways to cope with the stresses and strains of 21st Century living. It is also a wonderful way of looking after yourself and maintaining good health.

“After facing the prospects of a double arthroscopy and eventual knee replacements, my regular sessions with Regina have now even resulted in me being able to kneel. Her ability to always put her finger on the right spot is at times unbelievable. Muscles loosened, posture straightened, feeling relaxed, I walk out 6 inches taller. I can hardly ever wait for my next session. My Advice - Try it!”
Julie, Carlton, Nottingham

Massage has been with us for thousands of years and its benefits are well known, for example...

  • An enhanced feeling of relaxation
  • Relief from aches and pains
  • A sense of inner calm
  • A strengthened immune system
  • An escape from tension and stress
  • Increased energy
  • Greater suppleness
  • The ability to sleep better
  • An overall sense of well-being
  • Everyday worries put into perspective

“My visits to Regina are calming and strengthening, promoting an overall sense of wellbeing as well as relief from any problems which have built up since my last visit.”
Katherine, Tollerton, Nottingham

The benefits of Massage build-up and last


"There has been a very powerful conditioned response that has developed over time too – now I only have to park my car near to Regina’s house and I start to feel relaxed!"
Anon, Nottingham

Face massage

Touch is something that all humans need and respond to.

Within seconds of receiving a massage, two indisputable and totally involuntary reactions occur. The first is that the bloodstream gets flooded with oxytocin, the feel-good hormone. The second is the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS), otherwise known as the relaxation response.

Oxytocin immediately makes us feel calm and connected in empathetic ways to both our internal and external environments. When the PSNS relaxation response is triggered, our bodies move into healing mode where digestion occurs, organs repair and our immune response is activated. Significantly, when the PSNS is stimulated, the stress response (SNS: Sympathetic Nervous System) always diminishes. The two systems are complementary. As you experience more, your body embraces and thrives on it.

During your first massage you may not completely relax because everything is new – the massage, the practitioner, the room. But as you experience the next massage you relax more and are able to let go more quickly.

With each subsequent massage your body literally accumulates the benefits of touch. Very soon…

A regular massage can become the highlight of your week

“I had been suffering from pains and stiffness in the back, neck and shoulders from spending too much time at the computer, until I finally had the excellent idea of going to Regina for treatment. After only a couple of very enjoyable massage sessions I already felt much more supple, relaxed and pain-free! I recommend her highly. As for me, I'm going back for more!”
Peter, Mapperley, Nottingham.

With Touching Well you get a Massage with a difference

Based in Nottingham, I offer a unique blend of Touching Well massage, much of it based on Saving Hands massage and myofascial release (MFR). If you’ve never experienced Touching Well massage then you’re in for a treat.

In Saving Hands massage the hands are only used for delicate work, otherwise I use the soft surfaces of my arms (and other parts of my body) to effortlessly loosen your muscles. This subtly different application of pressure initiates waves of relaxation through the body, which can reach deeper than conventional massage.

Saving Hands massage is powerful, effective and not painful. It is a massage for life, to help you with your journey through life, not just with the odd injury (though it helps with these) or for occasional pampering (wonderful for this).

My clients have often tried other forms of massage but once they experience a Touching Well massage, they are quickly converted.

“Being a beauty therapist I have had many treatments from Hot Stone Therapy to Flotation. But this massage has been the best by far. Regina has a style of her own that reaches every inch of your body, making you feel that you are walking on air when you leave!
I wouldn’t use anybody else.”
Sarah Green, Gedling, Nottingham

"I arrived having had a stiff, painful neck for quite a time. I had one treatment and was really impressed with the result, no pain or discomfort. I was a little sceptical about Saving Hands massage, but I feel converted to its effectiveness."
Jenny, Mansfield.

Soft Well Touch is light and gentle in nature, and yet even the lightest touch can affect you profoundly. I may use aromatherapy with a lighter, gentler massage, or Reiki healing.

Aromatherapy is a natural treatment using essential oils from plants. This deeply enjoyable massage improves and maintains your health and well-being.

Touching Well massage varies in the depth of the treatment: Deep Well Touch and Soft Well Touch.

Deep Well Touch applies appropriate pressure to different parts of the body, thus restoring your natural energy flow and enabling you to relax deeply. It is particularly suited to reaching the deepest muscles and thus redressing structural imbalances.

Soft Well Touch is especially effective in treating stress-related problems. It is also suitable for people with a variety of chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, ME and MS.

More often than not, your massage will contain elements of both Deep Well and Soft Well Touch.

“I have enjoyed and looked forward to each session. The gentle precision of the arms and elbows is very effective. Regina is very aware of my reactions to pressure. I look forward to more sessions.”
Julie, Massage Therapist, Beeston, Nottingham

Choose from a range of treatments

I offer the following range of treatments. To learn more about each one please click on the relevant link.

"I really don't know what Regina has done to me BUT my spine is well. I cannot remember my spine being pain free, so I am well impressed."
Louise, Mansfield.

You’ll receive the massage that’s just right for you

At the beginning of each session we will establish which treatment is suitable for you by discussing your needs and situation. This way each massage you receive is specifically tailored to your needs, which may change from session to session.

Some clients find that the “chats” before and afterwards, combined with the massage itself, help them to clarify issues they are currently facing.

“In truth I found our discussions to be of equal value to the massage.”
Katherine, Tollerton, Nottingham

Broadly speaking, you may want to experience feeling one or more of the following:

  • restored, rested
  • calm, peaceful, slowed down, with a clear head
  • looser and more flexible - working on your physical structure – particularly suitable for aches and pains
  • nurtured and pampered
  • energised
  • any outcome not immediately thought of as a massage outcome, for example finding direction in your life or more confidence – in other words a transformation
  • detoxed

“I always found my sessions with Regina so uplifting and such a positive experience as she is so very approachable and yet professional. Having had M.E for some time, I do find massage one of the most helpful and comforting treatments available, but I found Regina's style of massage much more energising than any I had had before and I always felt the benefits of my treatments for some time afterwards. Thank you for helping me!”
Emma, Beeston, Nottingham

What you can expect from your massage session

Each session normally lasts an hour and takes place in my treatment room.

We begin by taking some background history and then discussing the outcomes you want, enabling me to tailor your massage to your precise needs.

If you are having a fully clothed massage then we can begin, having chosen some suitable music.

If you are having a partially clothed massage, then you will have the privacy you need to get ready, and then we can begin.

One of the first things you will notice is how comfortable you will feel.

If you are lying down for your massage we will use a specially designed body cushion that allows your body to feel wonderfully supported. For a seated chair massage the massage chair is ergonomically designed to fit your body, enabling you to relax completely.

When the massage is finished I will leave you for a few minutes to savour all the sensations in your body. Then, when you are ready, I will ask you to walk around the room.

You are encouraged to notice how you now feel in your body, and find words for this. This will help you to get more out of your massage because you are taking your body’s non-verbal experience and adding it to the verbal part of your brain. This will “anchor” the experience, so you can recall it any time and savour it all over again.


 A one hour massage costs just £51.

Please click here to find out about discounts for multiple bookings, different session lengths, and the “small print”.

I normally work Monday to Thursday, 8.15am to 5.30 pm.

Call me to arrange your massage

If you would like to book a massage then please call me on 0115 648 9636 or 07942276538, or via the contact form

If you have any questions or would like to discuss something in particular, then please feel free to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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List of treatments
Myofascial Release (MFR) - Saving Hands massage -
Therapeutic massage -
Maya Abdominal Therapy -
- Seated Acupressure - Indian Head Massage - Pulsing - Reiki -
- Reflexology - Tsuboki Foot Massage - Hopi Ear Candles -
Hot and Cold Stone Massage - Myofascial dry cupping -
Aromatherapy Massage - Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage (ALM) -
- Fertility Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Post-natal Massage -
- Dorn Method - Breuss Massage -
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - Deep Oscillation -
 - Treatment for lymphoedema - Treatment after cosmetic surgery -
Holistic Facial - Face Vitality - Total Detox -
 - Virtual sessions - Supervision

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