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These links relate to Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and lymphoedema. They contain sites for information and and compression and are “work in progress”. If you find anything useful, please let me know, either by phoning 0115 8457113, or using the contact form.

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Information about lymphoedema

This is worth looking at if you want to find out more about the lymphatic system.

The Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) has lots of information on their website. On the website are guidelines for nurses and doctors about lymphoedema of the arm after breast cancer treatment.

The British Medical Association has a learning module on chronic oedema and lymphoedema designed for GPs in conjunction with the LSN.

If you need to educate your healthcare professional about lymphoedema, you can direct them to 5 things every GP should know about lymphoedema page.

I have visited the Földi Clinic several times to obserseve lymphoedema treatment. The clinic specializes in Lymphology and may well be a treatment option for people who need intensive treatment over several weeks. In individual cases funding can be obtained through the NHS.


Usually exercise is recommended with lymphoedema, you may have been given special lymophoedema exercises. Water based activities are specially effective as the water adds natural compression. Another good option is Nordic Walking. Julie Burniston is offering a regular walking group and individual tuition for Nordic Walking.

Information about lipoedema

Lipoedema UK is a not-for-profit association dedicated to raising awareness of Lipoedema, a disfiguring and painful condition that affects women from the age of puberty and beyond. Recently (in Spring 2017) Best Practice Guidelines for Lipoedema were published. One would hope that with these the treatment of lipoedema improves!

At the 2014 MLD UK conference I heard Dr Karen Herbst speak about Lipeodema. This blogpost describes part of her talk. I learnt, amongst other things, that the "princess on the pea"  must have suffered under lipoedema as she was sooo sensitive and could not sleep all night because of a little pea under her matress (I always imagined a whole pile of matresses in this story).

Compression garments

The following companies supply specialised lymphoedema compression garments, many of them on presciption. There are many different kind of materials, the main difference is between "round knit" and "flat knit". The latter is more ridged and allows for greater compression, and is generally recommended for lymphoedema. Most companies also stock aids for getting the garments on and off. There are good products on the market, for example: glue to prevent thighs in from sliding down, silver lined stockings, microfibre mittens for toes.

Medi offers a wide range of compression garments including "trend colours" for round knitted garments. They offer a lots of garments on prescription, unfortunately none of those are in pink. 

Jobst compression garments are also on prescription. Their made to measure flat knit Elvarx range is the most popular product on the market. They aim to deliver any garment within 5 working days, in most cases the garmet arrives within 3 working days. They also supply the FarrowWrap, which is also available as a "light" version for arm lymphoedema (with integbrated liner), which could be used for people with fluctuating arm lymphoedema. The FarrowWrap is available on prescription.

Haddenham Health Care specializes in lymphoedema support with a wide range of products, including ready and custom made compression garments, many of them on prescription. They also supply the Farrow Wrap, a compression garment held in place with velcro, suitable for night wear, after cosmetic surgery or for those who can't get compression wear on or off. I was impressed by their "application and removal aid for hoisery", it works for closed and open toe stockings and arm sleeves.

Sigvaris say that they have the widest range of garments on prescription. They also have an ingenious device for getting your compression garment on. It is called the Rolly.

Medasun has a number of innovative products available. Caresia are padded bandage liners for lymphoedema therapy. This enables quick and easy bandaging (so the time can be spent on MLD, or it can be done at home) and is available on prescription. They also stock a night garment called Readywrap, which is fixed in place with velcro. The leg and ankle Readywrap are available on prescription. They also have finger and toe spacers to wear at night or use in bandaging. Medasun stock a number of garments designed to wear after cosmetic surgery.
Lymphedivas supply medically correct fashion for people with arm lymphoedema. Unfortunaely not on prescription.

L&R's (formerly known as Activa Healthcare) supplies a specialised bandaging system but also compression garments.

Jobkin offer a wide choice of colours for their arm sleeves. In those garments there is also a choice of thread colours.

Juzo has a wide range of lymphoedema products, including fashionable stockings in a number of colours and patterns. 

The Coban system from 3M is a 2 layer bandaging system which is not so bulky. It is available on prescription. We use this at Touching Well.

daylong is a website where you can order many of the above products, a bit like an "agency" for support wear. The search functions are quite neat, and you can compare similar products easily. If you enter the code LEAF09 you can get 25% off for your first order. This is not for products on prescription.

Kerraped sells soft wide slippers to wear with bandages.

The ezy-as compression garment applicator has been specially designed to help those with limited mobility, as it can be a right pain to get compression garments on and off. It has been recommended to me and is available on prescription.

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