Back Ache gone! (Nice natural products used)

by Michelle

I went for a massage for two reasons - one was that I was getting lower back ache and the other was for relaxation and stress reduction. A work colleague of my mums recommended Regina as she had rectified his back ache last year, I also saw online that she has a lot of experience, so I felt I was in a safe pair of hands (unlike some massages I have had at Spa days where, although more relaxed I am left wondering if the treatment has actually helped my back at all!).

I visited Regina for the first time in Summer 2016. I loved that she used Natural products (coconut oil and essential oils) as I try and stay away from chemical based products at home so this is really good - not polluting the body or causing irritation. The environment is nice and relaxing and clean too.

I was quite stressed when I arrived at Reginas house (nice and easy to park!). I did wonder to myself how I could relax.....however within 10 minutes of the treatment I was 100% chilled out and feeling like a different person. A pleasant surprise was....since visiting Regina I have had NO back ache at all!!!! (now several months since visiting for the first time!) this is fantastic! I hoped the backache would subside for a couple of days....but it has gone completely.

As a commitment to myself and my general wellbeing - I have now signed up to visit Regina on a monthly basis. Something I look forward to. Speaking to Regina has also helped identify areas of stress, I really felt she listened to me and catered the massage which made this a much more personal service than in a salon.

I would highly recommend Regina. I am another very happy customer!

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