Back pain cured

by Keith

A few years ago I suffered a lower back injury whilst lifting a heavy object, resulting in a fortnight in bed and a course of painkillers and other drugs. It gradually improved but a persistent ache remained and I occasionally felt painful twinges when bending forwards. I spend much of the day working on a computer, which doesn't help, and last year my shoulders and neck became stiff and painful. I decided I needed help and asked Google to find someone in my area with the right qualifications. That was a mistake! Do not just type "massage Nottingham" in your search box! I refined my search, found Touching Well, phoned and left a message and Regina called me later that day.

My first visit started with a thorough discussion followed by a physical examination, which quickly identified the problem areas. From the start it was obvious from the extent of her note-taking that Regina takes her work seriously. The massage which followed was amazingly effective. As I walked to my car I could feel my lower back and shoulders were much looser and more relaxed and the tension had gone.

I booked a series of visits and each one built on the previous improvements to the point where I felt completely free of pain. Since then I have had no recurrence of lower back pain or discomfort.

I still spend too long at my computer keyboard and earlier this year I had a recurrence of the discomfort in my shoulders, so I called Regina again. A four-week course of massages followed and all the discomfort was gone. Since then I have been a regular visitor to Touching Well and I really look forward to my weekly pampering.

Regina's techniques are thorough and effective. Every massage session relieves all the tensions and makes me feel completely relaxed. Any stiffness or aches are removed and a feeling of complete calmness stays with me for the rest of the day. I can unreservedly recommend Regina to anyone who wants relief from aches and pains or stress. I would just warn you to make sure you are completely awake before driving home!

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