Better quality of life

by Diane

I have been suffering with Lyme disease, leg ulcers and lymph oedema for many years. The most debilitating oedema is now in my trunk, where it prevents me from sitting up in a chair. Regina has been coming for Manual Lymph Drainage for a while and she managed to shift the oedema so that I can sit up for longer periods. My crushing pain was eased, at least for a while.

Recently Regina bought the Hivamat 200 to treat my oedema as well as my leg ulcer with Deep Oscillation. After each treatment my oedema has reduced significantly: in my abdomen, groin and legs, most importantly, round my ulcer. It looks as if the ulcer is finally healing. My pain, particularly when walking, is greatly reduced. I am able to be up for longer periods of time and I am still able to walk.

I wish there was a magic cure for my illness, sadly there isn't. The MLD combined with Deep Oscillation does ease my symptoms, so that I have a better quality of life with less pain and swelling.

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