Foot Massage

Foot massage is one of the most exquisite treats you can give to yourself. Our feet are literally the foundations of our body, so keeping them supple and healthy has far reaching benefits.

“The sessions have always been a wonderful start to the day during what has been a very busy time for me. There have occasionally been surprising moments where I have felt a kind of refreshing rush of blood to the head or a sudden releasing of my stomach, etc. My ankles no longer click and I feel more solid on the ground.”
Matt, composer

In life we have to “stand on our own two feet”, sometimes “jumping in with both feet” while “having cold feet”. We need to have our feet planted firmly on the ground. Our feet are our foundations. If we look after them, treat them with love and care, then they will be able to serve us (even) better. One way of doing this is by massage.

“After each session I have felt invigorated, relaxed and stress free. I would recommend the reflexology to anyone who likes to feel like the above. It's certainly helped my golf, too! No aching feet! Thank you.”
Tom, ex police man and keen golf player

I love having my feet massaged. They are easily accessible, you don't need to take your cloths off. They can be massaged though towels or socks, but obviously when you want to have a massage with oil, you need to be barefoot.

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Foot massage works on many levels:

As our feet are the physical foundations of our body, thus foot massage not only affects our feet but everyting above them, leading to a general feeling of well-beng. Easing the muscles of the feet is likely to affect your knees, hips, spine, neck and head. You will be able to walk more softly and have a spring in your step....

According to Reflexology, our whole body is represented in our feet. Thus working the feet will stimulate and balance every organ in our body.

In Chinese Medicine vital energy (qi) flows through our whole body, in meridians in a continuous loop. Half of the meridians flow through our feet. These are stimulated by Tsuboki foot massage. As all the meridians are connected, the massage will affect the whole of our being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Footprint of Buddha with Dharmacakra and Triratna, 1st century, Gandhāra.

Foot massage makes us feel special and feels divine.

Massage of the feet has got a special place in culture – Jesus washed the disciples feet  before the last supper (Gospel of John 13:1-15). According to tradition, Buddha taught foot massage. That is why there are so many carvings of feet with symbols, so called Buddha's footprints, throughout Asia.

There are many different ways to massage your feet:

  • walk barefoot
  • roll a tennis ball under your foot. Not only will this massage the sole of your foot, it will also help with your balance as you stand on the other foot, thus strengthening your core muscles
  • use a massage tool, such as a roller
  • massage foot balm into your feet

or have them massaged using ...

Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. I very much doubt any physiotherapist could have done better..
Jane, Beeston, Nottingham
sorting out her chronic ancle injury

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