Just what I needed

by Staff at Gedling Borough Council
(Gedling, Nottingham)

We worked as a team with Andrea Duncan and Caroline Salzedo.

Wonderful. Regina has magic hands. Mandy M
Excellent session. Really enjoyed it. Angela W
Fantastic. Amazing. A must for office workers and mums of young children. Thank you, Andrea. Katie C
Absolutely wonderful. Almost ready for a marathon - well perhaps half marathon. Lorraine
Amazing. Taking away aches and pains and so relaxing. Andrea
Excellent massage. Focussed on problem areas. Thanks. Nick
Lovely relaxing massage from Caroline today. Really eased the aches.
Relaxing and therapeutic. Thank you. Caroline.
Lovely. Thank you so much. I really feel the benefit in my back. Niki P
Feel energised, was fabulous. Regina was amazing. Going back to work refreshed. Deborah B
I knew that I needed to see someone about my alignment, muscle tightness and flexibility. Andrea was very helpful and I will hopefully improve more going forward. Anthony O
Have been having trouble with my shoulders and immediately Regina was able to pinpoint the problem areas. Left feeling much more relaxed and flexible. Tina A
Chilling experience. Should be compulsory every day. Lovely. Thanks. Andy F
Andrea was amazing. She was able to pick up on my problem areas straight away, and she focussed on these. Very relaxing experience. Sara P
Lovely experience. Felt very relaxed and energised. Tim V
Very informative. I learnt a lot about my body and was given unique, individual advice to suit my needs. Thank you. Charlotte
Wonderful. Thank you. I now feel relaxed and un-knotted. Jo W.
Great experience. Friendly. I felt at ease and comfortable.
Lovely experience. Helped me with my back pains. Would recommend to everyone. Joanne.
Much appreciated. Absolutely wonderful.
Had a wonderful treatment. Thank you so much. I need this for healing my shoulder, but also emotionally.
Really needed the massage today. Was great for my physical and mental well-being. T.Y.
Thank you. Needed this today.
Very good, with plenty of great advice.
Fantastic, just what I need after a stressful day. Grant

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