Post surgery and several gym sessions

by Jo

Myofascial dry cupping on abdomen

Myofascial dry cupping on abdomen

I have been visiting Regina now for a few months and would not know at times (most times), what I would have done without her.

I had inner thigh surgery and scar tissue removal from my abdomen. Prior to visiting Regina my abdomen and thighs were very tight and restricted my movement, but once we started the lymphatic drainage massage my movement went from strength to strength.

Whilst I have been recovering from my surgery I have also been visiting the gym to help with movement and core strength. The different types of massage that Regina has performed on me over the last month or so have improved my overall well being so much I just keep going back every week.
Recently we did a cup suction massage on my abdomen: the difference was remarkable.

With stretches and massage techniques that have been used on the thighs, back and all of my core in general my body feels like new, the tightness both from the gym and the surgery have all gone away, and the scaring has improved tremendously. I wish I also had photo's to show. When I eventually get a copy of my photos from the clinic I will be sure to add them. The colour, texture and "bumpiness" have all subsided so much that you would think the surgery was a few years ago, when it was only last year.

I am so grateful for Regina's healing hands and techniques, I look forward to my weekly visits. I couldn't recommend her enough.

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