Regina stopped me going mad with pain from breast oedema

by Naomi

I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in December 2012 and had a lumpectomy in January 2013. As the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes I had 6 sessions of FEC-T chemotherapy, followed by removal of my lymph nodes and a course of radiotherapy. My breast remained swollen throughout the year but it was really after radiotherapy that I started to experience the worse of the oedema. My breast was just so swollen. It felt twice the size of the other breast and was hard, painful and heavy. When I walked it kind of sloshed! I had a lot of scarring from surgery and the lymph fluid didn't drain away. The advice from the Breast Institute was that it could take a couple of years to settle down snd they offered me no further help. The breast institute seemed to be geared up for arm lymphoedema but not breast oedema. There was no service for this at the breast institute and no suggestion that I should be referred on anywhere. I was in so much pain and discomfort I honestly felt that I couldn't live like that. I kept saying that I was going to have a double mastectomy. I started doing research and found that leaving lymphoedema untreated is the worst thing you can do and that this can lead to further complications. I found Regina's website and emailed her in the middle of the night when I felt like I was going mad with the discomfort and pain. I arranged an appointment and didn't know what to expect.

Regina immediately put me at my ease, especially given the sensitive nature of the area she was going to treat. After the first treatment I found relief from the pain and discomfort and my breast no longer felt hard and heavy. The treatment itself was very relaxing and Regina was very thoughtful, caring and encouraging. In fact she was an absolute delight as a person - very warm, respectful and so knowledgeable but also someone with a lovely sense of personality and humour. I immediately felt I was in very safe hands. Regina really knows her stuff. She tried various different treatments and I found the deep oscillation massage and kinesio taping was most effective in treating the oedema.

For me Regina has been a life saver. My quality of life had become very poor following breast cancer with all the post surgery complications and the long term side effects of cancer treatments. I had a particularly difficult time of both surgery and chemotherapy and I had become very weak. I had very little movement in my shoulders and I couldn't straighten my arms. I had had cording with each surgery and the NHS had only been able to offer me one post surgery appointment with the physio. Regina used gentle massage to help me regain mobility and movement and I now have a good range of movement in my arm and shoulder.

One week I had a bad back and as I have osteoporosis with severe risk of fracture most osteopaths and physiotherapists were loath to treat me. Regina saw that I was in pain and thanks to the massage she gave I gained much more mobility and was out of pain by the end of the session. Regina makes you feel completely confident in her ability and you just know you are in safe hands.

If you are struggling with lymphoedema of any kind or are having any problems post surgery or any mobility difficulties or need any of the treatments that Regina offers, I can wholeheartedly recommend her. She is much more knowledgeable than many of the health professionals and is very easy to be with. She is warm, caring, thoughtful, encouraging and clearly has a great deal of knowledge and expertise. It is thanks to Regina that I am no longer in constant pain and I feel confident that with Regina's help I can manage the debilitating and under recognised condition that is lymphoedema.

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