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You might say, of course I am breathing, otherwise I would not be alive. So true, and I am glad you do and are alive.

There are many reasons why we might not breathe as easily as we could do, fear, stress, anxiety, recovery from Covid-19, asthma or screen time are a few that spring to mind. You can use DIY self help for neck, shoulder or back to help you to breathe with more ease.

Start with putting one hand on your belly and the other on your chest and notice how your hands move with your breath. Do they both move about the same, or one more than the other? Play around with your breath, encourage one hand to have more movement, then the other, then both the same. How does that feel?

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With warm regards, Regina

Now put one hand on your belly and the other on your back. Do you feel the movement, how the hands move apart and together? Now follow the movement of your breath with your hands by providing a little bit of resistance. If you can reach, you can do the same on your chest.

Next put your hands on the side of your ribs and notice how they move with each breath. Is the movement even on both sides? Again, provide a little bit of resistance with your hands.

Out of curiosity, put one hand just above your breast bone and one on your pubic bone. Is there any movement in your hands as you breathe in and out? Imagine that your hands are moving apart, that your torso lengthens with each in-breath.

Now go back to your starting position, one hand on belly, one on your chest. Notice the movement. Pay attention to the end of your out-breath, perhaps extend it a little. Rest there, wait until your body starts the in-breath, let the air flow in. Feel your breath like a wave, with a pause between each one of them, going on and on and on, let's hope for a long, long time.

Lie on your back on a firm surface, for example a yoga matt or a carpet. Bend your legs, put your lower back in "neutral", find a pillow for your head if required. Relax for a few moments, take a deep breath. Now slowly lift your straight arms over your head. Keep your lower back where it is. Feel the stretch at the front of the chest and belly. Rest your arms over your head and take a few breaths. Bring your arms back. Roll up a towel and place under your ribcage at the back. Again lift your arms over your head and you will feel a stronger stretch. Experiment with the thickness of the towel roll. Enjoy the opening of your chest and upper belly.

You might find the DIY self help neck or shoulder sessions useful to help you to breathe with more ease.

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